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Member since: Sun May 1, 2016, 11:18 PM
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Yang & "white f******s"

When Shane Gillis used anti-gay slurs, Yang announced that he wanted to meet with him to absolve him.

Why does Yang have the power to make these anti-gay slurs acceptable?

Did he ever meet with Gillis?

My expectation is that Gabbard

will run for president as Republican in four years. She has left her congressional post, and the cult leader who persuaded her to run as a Democrat did so because he believed that she could not win a congressional seat as Republican. However, the cult and Gabbard have beliefs that put them in line with Republicans.

We won't know until 2024.

But she will not be the nominee for the Democrats this year, and she has announced that she is leaving her congressional seat.

Nutjob Krystal Ball chimes in

You can't respond or comment on her work, which typically just pushes spoiler candidates.

It's kind of interesting to see her spin her blather.


Krrystal Ball loves Gabbard

But for some strange reason, they do not allow commentary on her pieces. Very weird.


The science of identity cult

It blows my mind that people still don't even know about this.


Trump is a great example

Every month we watch him decline and get worse. He is not up to the challenges he is facing.

Undeniably advanced age is a factor. It makes our nation vulnerable because we don't have a coherent or active executive.

Democrats have not elected a senile president in my lifetime. But Reagan and Trump are frightening examples of what happens when an executive drifts.

I don't think it is ageism to talk about this.

I walk around okay

It must be wonderful to dispense insults like this. Thank you for establishing your range.

My question was whether you actually thought that I would attack the idea of supporting Cuban people. I do not see an answer. It seems like a worthless driveby throwaway point. Do you care to expand on it?

I do not believe that Cuba poses a threat to United States. I do not believe that the Cuban government poses a threat to the United States. There is no evidence of the Cuban government poisoning our elections. For these reasons, I have no problem with Cuba.

After the DNC hack, it became clear that Russia was seriously determined to attack our democracy.

The Nation works to minimize the Russian threat to our democracy. For that reason I detest that stupid rag.
Posted by bluedye33139 | Thu Nov 7, 2019, 09:31 PM (0 replies)

The Nation will take you to visit the Kremlin

The Nation, a magazine that routinely attacks Democrats and consistently pushes a pro-Kremlin agenda, will take you to Russia to visit with Russian officials if you pay the money.

They have gone from being a crypto Kremlin operation to being a fully active operation.

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