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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,443

Journal Archives

Nicole Wallace just said

He (Trump) was just "referrered for criminal prosecution"

Michael Steele said that if Merick Garland tries to prosecute Trump

That it will turn off donors. Do any of you agree with that assertion.

What does Sen Ron Johnson think he knows or is doing

What does he think N Pelosi knows about security? She doesn't control the National Guard, Trump does through the Pentagon which has Trump's own guys.

Prosecutorial misconduct. How about colluding with the jury?

Did anybody notice Trump's lawyer wouldn't answer when asked who won the election

Finally a question I want answered. Did Trump deliberately have the Nat Guard stand down

Does anybody know what time the networks started broadcasting about the insurrection

Just asked the question again almost

Questions from Murkowski and Collins. Did he answer the question?

Definition of insurrection

An act against civil authority. There is something that is attempted but not successful. For if they had succeeded in Stopping the counting
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