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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 08:01 PM
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Why hasn't anyone responded to Trump's talking point

About the travel ban. It seems reasonable to say that a travel ban that targets only specific area doesn't do a hell of a lot when Covid 19 is spread over the whole world. Plus that ban was swiss cheese.

Don't enlarge the Supreme Court. Shrink it.

If Trump goes ahead and tries to appoint a justice don't enlarge the court; shrink it to 7. Everyone I know knows the concept of seniority. The last ones hired are the first ones let go or fired. Simply roll back that last 2 that were hired and it would be Brett Kavanaugh and ....

When you think about it it seems like poetic justice. For 4 years Trump has been trying to erase Obama's legacy. This would all but erase Trumps legacy.

IMO it would show more balance and stability. By shrinking the court we would showing more strength than increasing the numbers. Having 7 instead of 11 would give the court more prestige. And by doing it this way we would be keeping the court out of the political fray.

We can simply say we are retiring Justice Scalia's and Justice Ginsberg seats in honor of them. By also honoring Scalia we balance the scales. Since the two were friends the optics would work. Also since Kavanaugh's appointment was so controversial many mid level conservatives were against his appointment.

Finally, IMO we would be showing Trump that our institutions have actually strengthened instead of weakened.
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