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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
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Everybody needs to calm down and stop fighting amongst ourselves

Both the ones who are concerned and the ones who are confident and trying to remain upbeat. Just get to work. If your concerned about the polls, just work to get out the vote. If your confident that's good just keep working your ass off. Get out the vote for both Hill and for senate candidates. What no one seems to realize is that If we had a superior ground game before Friday, then the Comey situation didn't change that and we still have the superior ground game. If we are back biting against each other that is just what the repugs want, us to be fighting when we should be pulling together. Furthermore, polls are not 100p so stop acting as we are living or dying by polls. There nice to get a look but they're only a guide. And the only final poll is on election day. If you remember the polls had Mittens winning in 2012.

The news story has morphed into story on Comey.

Well, I am certainly glad Twee ty wants to get the facts straight.

that's sarcasm. What a crock.

Donald Jr on t.v. saying his father was creating jobs for his employees,.

I thought we should add and not paying them. (his employees)

comparisons between Trump and Bill

When these journalists interview tRump's surrogates and those surrogates try to compare tRump to Bill something that I wish Clinton's surrogates would point out is that first of all Bill was never tried and convicted of those allegations. In fact, they were investigated and not found not credible by someone who was going after him, Ken Starr. I am not calling those women liars, but Bill is innocent until proven guilty,. I mean we could start calling tRUMP A CHILD MOLESTER because one of his accusers is a 13 year old, but without being proven we don't call him that. The only thing that was proven about Bill was the affair with Monica,----a consensual affair----- with someone old enough to give consent. The tape where we dubbed Trump a sexual predator was where he described non-consensual acts.

Responses to the paid hecklers who are disrupting Clinton's events with the accusations against Bill

As Obama has shown us a good way to handle the heckling and to turn the tables against them is to use humor against them. Something along the lines of saying "oh I hope you got paid upfront for this you know how the Donald is about paying his bills, and stiffing his employees."
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