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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
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CM and Wolf's interviews with Guilliani. caught in a lie

Tweety was trying to maneuver Rudy into saying he didn't have any more information about the emails than we did (public), because Rudy always says that the agents and him were upset that Hill wasn"t prosecuted. However, Remember his interview with Wolf: Gosh, its been 8 months since I talked to an active agent. Which would put it in February, when Comey made his determination in June-July. If the disgruntled came from retired agents who were mot privy to the case then they wouldn't know the evidence.

TWEETY is not going in for the kill

He let him slip on knowing ahead of time. I heard Wolf did better.

Today, I want to celebrate

I have been talking with a woman who was not going to vote. She was for Hillary but not into politics. She was not even registeres to vote. In fact, she had a rather cynical view of politicians. ( you know they are all phony). I have been showing little things like the Hillary ads, etc. Today she tols me she was voting. She heard they were tied and she was making sure the maggot, my word, didn't get in, not with what he says about women. Luckily, we have same day registration in WI

I have a vague recollection....

Several months ago before DR won the primary I thought I heard one of the never Trump guys (and it could have been Rick Wilson) say that during the 2012 election Trump told Romney to double down on the anti-minority (my word but can't remember the exact phrase) rhetoric, that the (RWNJ) would believe anything. Since I was thinking that the only group that The Con hasn't insulted was his own followers. And that is probably the only thing that could turn them off him is hearing Trump himself call his own followers gullable nutcases that might be the oppo dump. Can anyone confirm they if they remember this? On MSNBC?


Yesterday , as I was listening to Chris Matthews Hardball, which I used to half like, but now only I mostly mute it until Chris Hayes comes on, I heard Chris complain that all of Hills ads are negative. Someone needs to send him a cache of all her ads. Especially the positive adds. SUCH as the 2 James Franco ads, Ryan, the bully ad with the girl asking a question, measure, Martha, and the other positI've ads that she has. That should shut TWEETY up.

Anybody know about the early vote in WI

I hear there's bad weather forecasted for WI. On election day

Florida republicans

Women and Hispanics are not the only repubs who may be crossing over. A thread on DU mentioned the number of Jewish repubs who have citizenship who the Trump campaign have been registering. Well the Nazi jargon that has been at his rallies lately may have caused them to crossover. After all, I am sure they don't appreciate the target Trump has placed on thier back.

How long will it be before we know what Trump has on Joe & Mika

Clinton released a new ad which features the Daisy girl from The famous Goldwater ad. In the background you hear Joe S & Mika's voices. One of the infrequent times they were actually criticisizing Trumps temperament. How long do you think it will be before Trump is tweeting about them and spilling what he has on them in revenge?

Everybody needs to calm down and stop fighting amongst ourselves

Both the ones who are concerned and the ones who are confident and trying to remain upbeat. Just get to work. If your concerned about the polls, just work to get out the vote. If your confident that's good just keep working your ass off. Get out the vote for both Hill and for senate candidates. What no one seems to realize is that If we had a superior ground game before Friday, then the Comey situation didn't change that and we still have the superior ground game. If we are back biting against each other that is just what the repugs want, us to be fighting when we should be pulling together. Furthermore, polls are not 100p so stop acting as we are living or dying by polls. There nice to get a look but they're only a guide. And the only final poll is on election day. If you remember the polls had Mittens winning in 2012.

The news story has morphed into story on Comey.

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