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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,443

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I just posted this in GD-2016. IMO it is fine to post Trumps negatives but we need to

Post Clinton's positives, as well. There were so many at the convention we need to take one and run with it. I have three Jamani Freeman, the 9/11 Survivor and the Eagle School from the bronx.

I have a question to ask HG

During the 2008 primary I thought I saw Dashcle, (the old minority leader from SD) ,who was an Obama surrogate at the time, being interviewed by Tim Russert from Meet the Press. I thought that Russert was asking about their respective positions on health care. Tim Russert said that Obama wasn't for a mandate but Hill was, and why was Dasshcle touting Obama's health care policy when hers aligned more with Dashcle. Dashcle was forbthe mandate.

IMO posting negatives about Trump is fine but we need to post the Clinton positives.

And there were so many positives stories and things that came out of the convention about Hillary. I suggest we pick one and run with it along with Trumps negatives. There so many I have 3 favorites. The burned 9/11 survivor. Her work with Jamani Freeman. The Eagle Academy, that school in the Bronx. I have a feeling there are more stories out there especially from New York and from 9/11.

At least some used EMAILGATE/NO INDICTMENT to publicize the latest shooting

During the congressional witch hunt about the scandal of no indictment for Clinton, there were at least 2 representatives who tried to talk about the recent shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. I am hoping that using the witch hunt to bring out and talk about this might be a silver lining.

I heard the standards for jury duty has been loosened; What are the standards, now?

Do you think tRump is ignorant enough to think the gifts that are given to the

U.S. on behalf of other countries are his to keep. I just read that he said Clinton personally received the jewelry that was given to Clinton on the behalf of a Middle Eastern country. How many of you think he is stupid enough to believe he can keep these gifts personally.

Does anyone remember last week

When tRump's spokesperson was on Hardball? and said when pressed about the Muslim ban that it was just a suggestion from tRump.
Someone needs to point out that inconsistency.

I wonder if there should be a joke about Hill bringing her b.c. to the 1st debate

First PBO then Ted Cruz it wouldn't be far off to make fun of the Orange tRump pattern of questioning his opponents citizenship.

what is meta discussion

Uh oh does someone need to tell rachel that Clinton gets top billing

Rachel is just talking about a Warren-Clinton ticket not a Clinton/Warren ticket. Her excitement was fairly obvious.But someone needs to tell her Clinton is the nominee.
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