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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,443

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Definition of insurrection

An act against civil authority. There is something that is attempted but not successful. For if they had succeeded in Stopping the counting

Damn. Nicole Wallace is very good

I noticed it on election. She was calm and logical. Now she is doing the same. Calmly and logically breaking down the defense's arguments.

Who was it who said that she wanted to blow up the Whitehouse?

Did she stand in front of some Guy Fawkes enthusiasts and tell them to come down to the Whitehouse with her and bring their TNT . Also thank you for the hearts

I noticed that it was mentioned that one of the terrorists tweeted that Trump would protect them

By calling off the Nat Guard. Did any of the impeachment managers follow up on that. Because the Nat. Guard was called off and essentially de-armed?

Thanks for the hearts...I appreciate it. Thanks again.

Thank you for the hearts. I really appreciate them

This is why I hate Andrea Mitchell

She just asked Rep Hakeem Jeffries it's been a month now how are you going to get American people to care about this. Apparently she thinks people have forgotten about Trump terrorists breaking into the capital urinating and defecating in and vandalizing our house. The people house. Killing 5 people injuring 150 police officers, etc....Did she ever say that about Benghazi. What a hack

Have the Republicans normalized violence as a political discourse

I would argue that the reason the Republicans don't see anything wrong with Greene's statements is because they have normalized violence as a political discourse. Just as they normalized white supremacy. They have gotten so used to Trump encouraging violent behavior that they see it as a normal political discourse.

It is now normal to use Democrats as actual targets in a ad hinting at gun violence. It has become normal to talk of hanging a political opponent.

Is there any good news from those DU users who had Qanon family members?

Did any of your family members come back into the fold or are your family members still out there?

Why are Repubs still commitee chairs in the Senate

What needs to be done to take charge of the commitee. An article says it has to do with Schumer/McConnell making a power sharing agreement. What happens if they don't come to an agreement. Can McConnell delay
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