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Member since: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 09:01 PM
Number of posts: 1,446

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Fox news had Clinton winning Penn by only 2 pts

Around 3-4 days before those 5 states voted in those closed primary, I checked out 538. I had to look a couple of times because I thought it was a typo. Fox news had Clinton up by only 2 points in Penn, MD, CA, and CT. It was 2 points nationally but while all the other polls had here way up there in the numbers in the other states Fox only had her up by 2 in all the states.

Lawrence O'Donnell is wrong

Yesterday Lawrence O'Donnell said that Bernie wasn't damaging Hillary. He is wrong. Trump is going after her for her past, but he is also repeating Bernie's memes. Crooked Hillary came about because he was talking about the campaign finance system and the crookrd system.. Just yesterdat Trump tweeted system is rigged.

narrative changes about chairs

Has anybody noticed how the narrative changed in GD-P. At first it was where are the chairs their are no chairs. There was no one throwing chairs. Someone must have posted a picture of a chair because the narrative changed to well there was a person with a chair lifted over his head but he did not throw it. Another berner stopped him from throwing it. I don't know how many threads said there were no chairs. That MSM was hiding there was no chairs.

I am very new and I guess just jumped is there a rule page that explains everything

I heard from another source that the repugs are at it again

The republicans set forth a new voter id law in Missouri which is threatning to disenfranchise over 200,000 people. Please pass this on so the thread doesn't get buried.

a perfect way to neutralize tRump's "enabler" comment about Hilliary

Ask him if his wives were nice to the women he had affairs with. Or in what fantasy world his women got along with each other.
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