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Member since: Mon Apr 25, 2016, 08:07 PM
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I blame Jon Stewart

He was the much needed voice that was loud, reached wide and could call out all the media hypocrisy. The fact that he left before the elections is unforgivable, and I blame him (in a very loving way, I love him)

I'm offended by Taco Truck on every corner..

What does he think? There will be no falafel trucks or Dosa trucks to compete?

Should Hillary's team be generating new BS news?

As I see it, the Hillary team is far too sane and efficient, and there are really no new gaffes or controversies or mistakes. They are laser focused while there's always drama in Trump world. But the media needs horse race and needs to cover both sides with some drama to keep people interested. The Elizabeth Warren tweet storm stopped all other conversation for days. Now there's nothing going on, and the media wants to try to look balanced and they are coming back again and again to the email story because there is nothing else.

So my question is (I am NOT concerned), maybe the clinton team needs to create some diversions on the way so that the media can say (in Jon Stewart's words) "Squirrel!"

It all makes sense - Trump is on Plan B

Honestly, it seemed that it made no sense. What was the Don's plan? Surely he is smart enough to realize he is not winning? I think I got it today after seeing the Roger Ailes help, Breitbart association etc. Trump has found the answer, but he did not know what the question was. Now he has found the question.

The answer was that a YUGE population of people are angry, and specifically angry that their white country, privilege and culture/way of life was changing. They want things as they used to be but didn't have a voice since it was politically incorrect to talk about it. The college educated white people traveled, saw the global world and realized that things had to change anyway whether they liked it or not - but the"poorly educated" - not so much. Trump truly was telling the truth when he said that he loved the "poorly educated". He knew that was a slice of population that was a market and he could tap into. But how?

He thought running for president might do it. He thought he might get enough support. He even won the primary and became the nominee. But unfortunately for him, he was not presidential material and has too much ego and too little class to adhere to any rules meant for the common person. He was losing badly.

But then viola! Plan B! How about Trump TV. The audience would lap it up. It would be a TV station to the right of Fox News. And who else to lead it than Roger Ailes who knows exactly how to build a TV network empire and is recently out. And Breitbart, who already has a huge following and the right audience. And the Trump name and persona. He could do mock "Oval Office" meetings and make decisions without any of the responsibility. I truly believe he will do a "reality TV white house presidency" and call himself "President Trump", and pretend play as President. In Trump's mind, everything can be staged. Every publicity is good publicity because "the people like it". And he will emerge a winner, because let's face it, real policy is hard work and is for losers.

About Trump dropping out ...

If Trump dropped out (by himself) by September 1st, there might still a small chance that any other candidate could be on enough ballots for states to be able to make 270 electoral college votes. But after September 1, no chance. I heard this on Rachel Maddow yesterday. So I don't think they'l be able to switch candidates, have the new candidate on ballots etc.

In an effort to be positive

I'm going to try to spin this...

Are they going to let the BS protesters get it out of their system today?
They have Ben Jealous and Bernie speaking today. Are they going to let it calm them down and have it all be bad on day 1 so that they can move forward tomorrow?

If all the negativity is on display today, if it's as bad as it gets today, then can they manage expectations better?

Can't they find atleast some people eagerly supporting Hillary?

I am hearing all these interviews saying "can't have trump", but where are those of us who say "Yes, we want Hillary"?

I'm not worried at all

The convention will go on well, it will be wonderful. Protesters can protest, and the MSM will make a big deal. Hillary is used to all of this and she will go on to make history this week with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart. I'm not worried about the protests, the expectations, the entitlement of people who feel they get to dictate things even if they are not the nominee or her group of advisors, of people who think their voice must be heard beyond their vote, and every single hurt feeling must be nursed and addressed before they are willing to support her. There is a whole bunch of us who do support her whole heartedly. She will go on to win in November. I will proudly tell me daughters that girls can be whatever they want. History will be made.

Do you want to build a straw-woman?

Well, one was built and destroyed.

But maybe, this will help all parties to claim some kind of victory and come together. Bernie's supporters can feel that their voices were heard and they made a real difference to the party, and the party is on the way to being reformed.

Maybe there was some legitimacy in their feelings that the DNC was supposed to be more neutral and it never was. Maybe the DNC did need some reform. I certainly felt that way in 2008 when Hillary lost. Maybe the party heads should keep out of these primary elections completely and let the people decide completely. Or maybe heads just needed to roll. Depending on which side you were, you feel differently.

Either way, DWS did good and bad. There's no black and white. In the future, people will be more careful.

Now that this has come to an end, will MSM start investigation the leaks themselves?

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