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RickHworth's Journal
RickHworth's Journal
September 5, 2023

M$M explaining why the working man doesn't deserve better wages.

We did this before; it is called wage inflation, and it must be stopped at all means!
The first time that a "family" car cost more than $10,000 back in the late 70's.
There is a concerted effort to squash the resurgence of that happening again, including the threatening talk of the recession, that is just around the corner, without any evidence.
We do have the FED under Jerome Powell trying hard as heck to make that recession a reality, if not only the appearance of some semblance of a sign that the recession is yet around the corner, even though there is no one outside of the nay sayers see any evidence of a recession coming.
Yet, the FED increases interest rates. Who does this hurt? The working man.
This is not a fight against inflation, it is a fight against the working man.

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