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RickHworth's Journal
RickHworth's Journal
August 11, 2023

The correct word is "fraudulent"!

I am tired of the soft shoe routine around the very serious matter of maintaining our Constitution, and the rule of law. Stop referring these seditionists and traitors as "fake" or "alternate", as if we are on a playground of a primary school. These people knowingly, with intent, committed an act of fraud by filing fraudulent official papers to our government.
I fail to see the difference between the person bouncing a check and being prosecuted, usually in thirty days, to those that created their own fraudulent papers and willfully submitting the as fact.
The one that bounced that check, probably took the chance that they could cash their paycheck in time to make the deposit.
The fraudulent "electors" intended to defraud the federal government for their own means.

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