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RickHworth's Journal
RickHworth's Journal
June 16, 2023

On this book banning....

If your history makes you feel so uncomfortable, perhaps you should find out why your history makes you feel uncomfortable.

June 11, 2023

Just finished watching Disney's "Strange World" with my 10 YO grandson

It was a pretty good and entertaining with a well written story line of people and their impact on their environment surrounding energy sources.
The most important thing that my grandson got out of the movie that, sparked a really intense conversation, was the very relevant subplot of father-son relationships. I explained the differences that I had with my dad and his expectations of me, growing up and as a young adult. He explained how he felt that his dad, my son in law, didn't understand what he wanted, at times.
The character liking and having feelings for the other male character, never came up. In fact, it seemed like such a minor point of the movie, in the character development, it would have gone unnoticed.
The three legged dog got more mention.

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