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RickHworth's Journal
RickHworth's Journal
July 12, 2022

I posted a thought exercise on my facebook feed

"Hear about the 2nd amendment loving guy defending himself from bat wielding attacker?"
If you are in or around the Baltimore area, then you know exactly what I am referring.
Here are the facts that I have gathered from the local media.
A person driving his car, got into an altercation with another person that was offering to clean windshields at an intersection. At some point, the person driving, parked his car, got out and retrieved a baseball bat from the car. At some point after, the windshield cleaning person, shot and killed the driver.
I am very fortunate to have a close friend, that does not live anywhere near here and have not heard about this event. He gave his unbiased assessment of my original posting stating "... Because what comes to my mind is, if somebody was attacking you with deadly force, you would just stand there and take it? Is a guy supposed to always carry around a cache of similar weapons to what he might be attacked with?"
Here is the rub. Over the past few days, local media presented the bat wielding, not thug, person, as the pure victim of Baltimore "urban" violence, making sure to highlight his education and position, family status and of course, his go fund me page.
And then there are my coworkers, one in particular with "2nd amendment people wait to know the facts first!" Dog bless them.
And remember, here in Maryland, you had to show reasonable proof and just cause to carry a weapon, in public, until the Supreme Cult fixed that. Our Governor capitulated, removing the scrutiny. What can go wrong?


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