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RickHworth's Journal
RickHworth's Journal
December 5, 2022

The real issue is not whether or not it is legal and possible,

The real issue is what the stupid mfers believe.
These cult members not only believed that the Vice President could somehow change the outcome of an election, they acted on that belief.
On top of all of this, there's no real help from the MSM to inform the masses as to how our government actually work, being forthright and insisting factual information, not entertaining these dangerous ideas, ad nauseum, only to provide the facts at the end as a post script.

October 8, 2022

Perhaps I fail to understand

Trying to compare circumstances, being in possession of stolen (items that do not belong to you) property, that should be in the rightful custody of the Federal Government, not resulting with the immediate arrest and detention of the offender.
This is the same country that will incarcerate immediately some people for traffic violation.

August 26, 2022

I know what I don't know.

It has been my sentiment over the breathless "reporting" of the theft of government property by a private citizen. The hypothetical reasoning and motivation behind the crime, The possible penalties that might be imposed in a multitude of circumstances, etc.
It was a guest on MSNBC that nailed it in an interview stating that it's the cable CEOs that have made the decision to have these panels of talking heads covering this instead of what the President is actually doing for us and our country. The host of the show acknowledged that fact and then quickly pivoted back to the maga loco malarkey.

July 12, 2022

I posted a thought exercise on my facebook feed

"Hear about the 2nd amendment loving guy defending himself from bat wielding attacker?"
If you are in or around the Baltimore area, then you know exactly what I am referring.
Here are the facts that I have gathered from the local media.
A person driving his car, got into an altercation with another person that was offering to clean windshields at an intersection. At some point, the person driving, parked his car, got out and retrieved a baseball bat from the car. At some point after, the windshield cleaning person, shot and killed the driver.
I am very fortunate to have a close friend, that does not live anywhere near here and have not heard about this event. He gave his unbiased assessment of my original posting stating "... Because what comes to my mind is, if somebody was attacking you with deadly force, you would just stand there and take it? Is a guy supposed to always carry around a cache of similar weapons to what he might be attacked with?"
Here is the rub. Over the past few days, local media presented the bat wielding, not thug, person, as the pure victim of Baltimore "urban" violence, making sure to highlight his education and position, family status and of course, his go fund me page.
And then there are my coworkers, one in particular with "2nd amendment people wait to know the facts first!" Dog bless them.
And remember, here in Maryland, you had to show reasonable proof and just cause to carry a weapon, in public, until the Supreme Cult fixed that. Our Governor capitulated, removing the scrutiny. What can go wrong?


June 25, 2022

What is the official religion of the United States?

I strongly believe that should be the prominent question put forth to the Supreme Court since one's "feelings" on the issue of abortion is clearly based on one's mythology.

June 9, 2022

I did not start my public education until first grade.

I remember a little of kindergarten before getting measles, followed by mumps, capping it all off with chicken pox. At the end of all the quarantine, it was late spring of first grade.
There was a duck and cover drill, that happened once, that I can remember, amongst the many fire drills.
It was not until junior high school that I had ever seen a uniformed police officer in a school, my school. She commanded respect, and got it. (Sometimes, I can remember her name)
Most importantly, she never had a gun.
That was in my home town of Washington DC.
This was the last time that I have seen a uniformed police officer in my school.
We moved to the Maryland suburbs, where I finished school through graduation without ever seeing another uniformed police officer in my school.
I find it very disturbing to know that we have preadolescent to be a subject matter expert on how to survive an active shooter situation.
This is what we have become and allowed to happen.

April 25, 2022

Its Obama's fault, once again.

Obama speaking to the disinformation that has populated social media at Stanford.
On MSNBC, the Ayman show, "why didn't he say or do something sooner?"
This is tiring. This is the same station that breathlessly give a mic to any crackpot tRump cult supporter to "find out what they think and how much of a lie that they believe", must think that I must have the belief that this news channel is totally incapable of being able to factually report what is true and correct. If there was only a way for this channel to transmit information.
My take, out of the gate, present exclusively fact-based information without even giving mention of any conspiracy notions or ideas. Stop providing a platform for those that are probably mentally ill and most likely unable to pass an 8th grade civics test. (yes, I am that old)

February 11, 2022

Playing connect the dots, Ukraine.

I feel, once again, that the MSM is letting us down by not reporting fully, all of the relative issues about this build up of Russian forces around Ukraine.
It was in 2019 that the Russian asset, tRump, met with Putin, of which details were kept away from the public.
It was but a few months later that it was put into action the removal of American forces from Germany, under the guise of not contributing to NATO, or something like that.
I am not one to follow conspiracy and take into consideration that Putin is very intelligent, with experience to plan far ahead and then there is tRump, who should have, say more "direct supervision".
I don't think that I am far off base to think that the removal of our troops, back then and, the current Russian actions, are connected.

January 2, 2022

Something worth noting.

DJIA closed at 30223.89 at the start of 2021.
It ended the year closing at 36,338.30. Hitting the record high at 36488.63 on the 29th of December.
Not much mentioned about this because the economy is that bad?

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