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Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Maryland
Current location: here
Member since: Sat Apr 23, 2016, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 88

Journal Archives

It's probably the third time I've heard this,

Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi has a weekly news conference.
Why have I never seen this news conference, much less heard of any other mention of said news conference.
It is almost like there's a concerted effort that I don't find out about this.
What else do I not know about?

Saw something familiar on Meet the Press today

Did not catch the whole episode but, did catch something that I have noticed from Chuck Todd. It was When Rep Jackson Lee brought up the fact that the House of Representatives have sent legislation to the Senate, Chuck quickly shut her down.
I believe that it would be imperative to make it the point that the Democratic led House is passing legislation and that the republicon Senate is actively refusing to bring it up for a vote. I truly believe that this is a bigger story than the sideshow distractions of what this imbecil tweets and what are the republicon takes on the Democratic leadership.
I have seen this pivot from a real underlying issue in the last few election cycles and it appears to be happening still.

Watching MSNBC, Hardball

The criticism of the Democratic candidates for presidential run, is absolutely astounding! Considering the mealy mouth responses to Don the con and the rethuglican cult.

37 Years ago today

I left the Boy Scouts of America and voluntarily enlisted to join the United States Air Force, swore an oath to protect my country, from an enemy that was then called the "Evil Empire". I proudly served at Malmstrom AFB with the 341st Strategic Missile Wing as a Electro-mechanical technician to the Minute Man II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System. I loaded targeting codes into the same. It was highly classified, so that I had no idea as to where each missile was targeted but, it would be a safe bet that it was somewhere in the then Soviet Union.
Today, I am awe struck to my core that there are some of my fellow citizenry willingly wish to embrace this enemy to my country and Democracy. From what I have seen on the television, and newspaper articles as of late of this notion that somehow Russia should be considered an ally is truly amazing in itself.
I am beginning to feel that we have already lost and the process to capitulate our standing in the world is now in full effect.
Notwithstanding that we have a dimwit for a leader and our government run by those who only ambition is to just stay in power, by any means necessary.

Happy 241st Birthday America!!!

hope that there will be a 242nd
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