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Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Maryland
Current location: here
Member since: Sat Apr 23, 2016, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 88

Journal Archives

Playing connect the dots, Ukraine.

I feel, once again, that the MSM is letting us down by not reporting fully, all of the relative issues about this build up of Russian forces around Ukraine.
It was in 2019 that the Russian asset, tRump, met with Putin, of which details were kept away from the public.
It was but a few months later that it was put into action the removal of American forces from Germany, under the guise of not contributing to NATO, or something like that.
I am not one to follow conspiracy and take into consideration that Putin is very intelligent, with experience to plan far ahead and then there is tRump, who should have, say more "direct supervision".
I don't think that I am far off base to think that the removal of our troops, back then and, the current Russian actions, are connected.

Something worth noting.

DJIA closed at 30223.89 at the start of 2021.
It ended the year closing at 36,338.30. Hitting the record high at 36488.63 on the 29th of December.
Not much mentioned about this because the economy is that bad?

Looking at MSNBC

Where were all of these questions two years ago?

Chief Justice John Roberts has an approval rating

I cannot be the only one that must take a step back to come to the realization that a sitting judge on the Supreme Court, has an approval rating. Much less, that it is a positive one, to boot.
What the who ha?
This is the same judge that allowed the evisceration of the Voting Rights Act, with his blessing and gleeful approval?
The same over the removal of the right of privacy of a woman and her health issues and most definitely does not believe the 14th amendment applies to any female.
The bigger issue that is a cause for alarm, is the simple notion that our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, has an approval rating.
Someone smarter than me can please tell me that this is not something that belongs exclusively to a fascist or authoritarian government system.

A legitimate question about research and outcomes.

Going so far out of the way of the normal discourse with the MSM highlighting of those refusing to take the vaccine under the premise of wanting to do their own research, where is the follow up?
Do these obviously unqualified numb nuts need yet more time to question the efficacy of the vaccine?
Why haven't the same MSM, all networks, provide the follow up on the "findings" of these skeptics, that they deemed so worthy of our attention?

A strange observation

To watch a black law enforcement officer being second guessed, over his action of using lethal force, against a very clear and present threat to the security and safety of his assigned post.
Not only the line of inquiry of his course of action but, the sudden revelation of a previous lapse of judgment, not related to this immediate action, is yet again, in my opinion, the double standard that does exist in the credibility of a black person in this country.
I have seen very much questionable use of force of white police officers against black people yet, I have to hear about any previous infraction of that police officer at the same level.
I know about more of the black or brown person that was killed by a police officer, than I do of the police officer that was "just doing his/her job".
Until now.

I can not be the only one.

I am tired.
I am tired of "this is the one that will bring trump down!"
I have heard this for more than four years with net zero results. Even my nine year old grandson agree to this.
Everything is just right around the corner, you wait and see, we got him now....
I am tired, and want much overdue results.

It has been only 8 days, for gawd sake

I keep seeing, with greater frequency, why has Joe not fix it, yet Four years of a crap show, at many, many, many, levels, now pushback?

This is a cult that we are dealing with.

Yesterday, Friday, I was at my local and favorite watering hole, practicing social distancing as any reasonable place that serves alcohol in an inclosed space, can be.
On the wall behind the bar are six big screen TVs, fairly evenly spaced along the wall. The two rightmost TVs are showing a baseball game, National League, not much interest from me. But hey, its baseball.
This is when I notice the four gentlemen to my left, staring and making comment of what they were watching on the TV in front of them, which was Faux news showing the helicopter in front of the White House. The first fifteen minutes or so, I did not really pay any attention as we were talking baseball at our end.
That was until I heard one of the gentlemen on my left made comment that they turned on the navigation lights on the helicopter. This got my attention, as I noticed the posture of the four, completely transfixed to a live shot of a helicopter, for now close to a half hour.
Fortunately, this channel did not leave this shot until the helicopter lifted off, and the camera panned to follow it across the sky.
Washington D.C. is my home and I know that it is not a long flight, by helicopter, from the White House to Walter Reed. And sure enough, next shot of the helicopter approach and landing.
This is where it gets nuts. Helicopter lands, 45 walks out, cheers erupt like the Ravens scored a touchdown. Followed by a smattering of insults of Obama.
To see it up close is very surreal, to say the least. Never experienced anything close to this with either Bush or even Reagan. There is something horribly wrong going on that is not getting the attention as it properly should.

On this date, 22 October, 1962, a sobering thought.

It was on this date that President Kennedy announced that he was ordering a naval “quarantine” of Cuba to prevent Soviet ships from transporting any more offensive weapons to the island and explained that the United States would not tolerate the existence of the missile sites currently in place. The president made it clear that America would not stop short of military action to end what he called a “clandestine, reckless, and provocative threat to world peace.
Not enough people can fully grasp how serious this moment in time was and how close to the brink we really were, and the true danger that the Soviet Union possessed.
That time in history, set aside to today. It gives me pause to remember what president Kennedy did for our country, safety and security, as to what we have now.
From my Dad, speaking of that time, while preparing to separate from the USAF, SAC, saying that no one took what the President said as anything but deadly serious.
Looking at what we have now, just imagine should an event of even half the magnitude that needed such leadership and directive should occur. What would that outcome look like, now.
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