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Name: Rick
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Maryland
Current location: here
Member since: Sat Apr 23, 2016, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 105

Journal Archives

Close to how I feel

From Facebook

M$M explaining why the working man doesn't deserve better wages.

We did this before; it is called wage inflation, and it must be stopped at all means!
The first time that a "family" car cost more than $10,000 back in the late 70's.
There is a concerted effort to squash the resurgence of that happening again, including the threatening talk of the recession, that is just around the corner, without any evidence.
We do have the FED under Jerome Powell trying hard as heck to make that recession a reality, if not only the appearance of some semblance of a sign that the recession is yet around the corner, even though there is no one outside of the nay sayers see any evidence of a recession coming.
Yet, the FED increases interest rates. Who does this hurt? The working man.
This is not a fight against inflation, it is a fight against the working man.

The correct word is "fraudulent"!

I am tired of the soft shoe routine around the very serious matter of maintaining our Constitution, and the rule of law. Stop referring these seditionists and traitors as "fake" or "alternate", as if we are on a playground of a primary school. These people knowingly, with intent, committed an act of fraud by filing fraudulent official papers to our government.
I fail to see the difference between the person bouncing a check and being prosecuted, usually in thirty days, to those that created their own fraudulent papers and willfully submitting the as fact.
The one that bounced that check, probably took the chance that they could cash their paycheck in time to make the deposit.
The fraudulent "electors" intended to defraud the federal government for their own means.

Heard of the "Second Amendment Foundation"?

Traveling through Ohio, on MSNBC, I just saw an advertisement from this Second Amendment Foundation stating that Joe Biden was coming to take away your guns! Then shown a doctored video making it appear that he was making an announcement that he was even going after 9mm and other small arms.
Of course it was a "send us money" advert but, this is what is being promulgated in some states.

Was watching the trump highlight channel (MSNBC)

Opening to a show asked the very serious question, "the economy is exceeding all expectations, why is this not translating to Biden's approval ratings?"

On this book banning....

If your history makes you feel so uncomfortable, perhaps you should find out why your history makes you feel uncomfortable.

Just finished watching Disney's "Strange World" with my 10 YO grandson

It was a pretty good and entertaining with a well written story line of people and their impact on their environment surrounding energy sources.
The most important thing that my grandson got out of the movie that, sparked a really intense conversation, was the very relevant subplot of father-son relationships. I explained the differences that I had with my dad and his expectations of me, growing up and as a young adult. He explained how he felt that his dad, my son in law, didn't understand what he wanted, at times.
The character liking and having feelings for the other male character, never came up. In fact, it seemed like such a minor point of the movie, in the character development, it would have gone unnoticed.
The three legged dog got more mention.

"The debt limit has nothing to do with the future budget proposals"

"In fact, they have nothing to do with each other."
I would love to see the responsible media begin with a very precise explanation of that difference.
It would shorten the argument that I am having with my bar tender over my tab, that is due today, over my tab that will start tomorrow.

Over seven minutes devoted to the damage done due to hurricane Ian,

Glossing over the collapse of the insurance industry in the state of Florida. Highlighting all of the damage and destruction and the failures of the same insurance program of the state, not covering those losses.
Waiting patiently for the first question directed to the governor of that state.
I hear that he wants to be president.

Having fun with the Bing AI

My question, " How did news become entertainment"?
Answer: "News became entertainment as a result of several factors. One of the main reasons was the transformation of network news into a profitable business. The formula for making network news profitable was to make the product more entertaining. When stories are told in ways that engage the audience, often by touching their emotions, news programming can generate high ratings and revenues."
I think we have an answer.
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