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Profile Information

Name: Ken J.
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Wisconsin-stan
Home country: Amerika, damn it!
Current location: self-loathing
Member since: Thu Apr 21, 2016, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 237

About Me

From a long line of yellow dog Democrats, genuine Florida Cracker (i.e., native-born), FSU Seminole before Bobbie Bowden got there, escaped the "America's Dong" state a few decades ago, now living behind the Cheese Curtain in the Midwest. Checkered past as anthropologist, artist, teacher, IT support guy, coach, and health professional. Got a true blue daughter, very blue almost son-in-law, and bluer-than-blue wife who is constantly screaming about Scott Walker and Bruce Rauner (current gov and former gov, no respectively). Plus extremely blue ex-wife who moved to Ecuador in anticipation of Trump. Literally.

Journal Archives

Resources to deal with hog confinement building coming in next door?

Just talked to a friend of mine in the Dakotas -- elderly woman with several medical issues -- and she told me a huge hog confinement "farm" is going in very near her house. She's been to meetings, etc., but it sounds like a done deal with probably a few shenanigans going on (since it was presented to her and her neighbors as a "done deal". She said it was "kinda like the pipeline."

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any resources that might be able to fight this. Because of her health (the pig odors literally can make her pass out), she will have to move and possibly quit her job. And a Realtor has already told her she's not going to get a decent price for her house, because who really wants to move in next to a hog farm??

Thanks for any help!

What Texans Do When It's Flooded And They Can't Drive Their Pickups

(This is from my old grad school roommate, who was as crazy then as he as now. And has barely aged in 30 years.)

North Korea & China's Master Plan

They know they can very easily excite Cheetolini.

1. Ratchet up the war of words with Trump.
2. Lob a missile (no warhead) towards Guam.
3. Trump attacks N. Korean launch sites with B2 bombers.
4. North Korea DOES NOTHING.
5. China and North Korea go to UN; N. Korea is the victim, US is the aggressor.
6. Sanctions are lifted against North Korea.
7. China's power is increased in Asia, US power declines immensely.

9. Bonus points if S. Korea kicks out part or all of US military presence.

Am I a genius, or what?
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