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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Wed Apr 20, 2016, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 5,737

About Me

62 y/o, in the first 18 y/o that got to vote. Lifelong Democrat that has never missed a general election and very few primary elections.

Journal Archives

Six more Zika cases in FL - all confirmed to be from local skeeters, and Congress does nothing

Congress knew it would happen, but they had to leave town before they actually had to pass a bill to help fight Zika. They didn't want to be accused of actually doing something. This thing is going to get much, much worse.

One question; my wife asked me and I couldn't answer it.

What were they trying to spell with the cards in the upper deck during the celebration? Neither of us could make it out.

What exactly do people think the VP does? What legislative power do they think they have?

They don't set policy. That is the job of the President. They don't vote on legislation except to break a tie in the Senate. So why would you want to take an influential person from their Senate seat and put them in a spot that mostly just goes to funerals?

Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, and Congress needs to bring it back

Late in the second term of Reagan, there was a bill that was passed in both the house and Senate with huge bipartisan support. The bill was called the Fairness Doctrine. The bill would have made permanent some legislation that had been passed in the late 40's. This Fairness Doctrine made TV and radio to give equal time to all sides of a political issue. It also regulated the ownership of newspapers and TV/radio stations so that no single entity could control the news in a certain area - it allowed more than one viewpoint to be presented. Reagan vetoed the bill, and with pressure on the GOP in the house and Senate, an override was not going to happen.

Roger Ailles worked for Nixon and then Reagan. it was widely know than he was a hatchet man and went after their enemies. He also worked for Rudy G when he ran for mayor of NYC. Rupert Murdoch knew very well of the guy and when he wanted to enter the US market with his disinformation channel, he knew exactly who to hire to run it. The rest is history.

We need the next Congress to send the Fairness Doctrine back to President Clinton by the spring of next year. The hate radio has to go away and the lies of FoxNews and others with it. Newspapers need to go back to printing news instead of commentary ad opinion and no single entity can own all the news outlets for an area.

Ford, tequila maker Jose Cuervo team up on bioplastic project.

Holy shit, and open container charge just waiting to happen.

Got friends/family/associates supporting Trump? You should read this article.


I know some here don't care for fivethirtyeight, but this is an interesting read.


Trump got an "out" with Pence.

He chose Pence to help with the evangelicals and hard right to get the money those groups would bring in. When he loses in November (I did say "loses" he will be able to say it was because he was forced by the GOP establishment to go with Pence.

Tim Duncan retires - a real role model for anybody. The NBA needs more like him.

One of those superstars that never needed to tell somebody how good they were. Never showed his ass with his play or words. He played the way he lives - with dignity and grace. He will be missed.

So, Mitch McConnell says the American public wants to hear the FBI interview of Hillary

Since when does anything the American public want, mean jack shit to Mitch McConnell? The American public, Democrat and Republicans alike overwhelmingly want to have a vote one SCOTUS nominee Garland, but Mitch won't let that happen.
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