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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Apr 16, 2016, 07:41 PM
Number of posts: 2,741

Journal Archives

Thank you to whomever gave me a second heart!

I just finished reading Fire And Fury. I can understand why Trump and his shills are furious

about the publication of it! As a political junkie, I thought the book might be just a rehash of what I already knew. I actually found it fascinating and terrifying. It is a fast, easy read and I would recommend it to all my fellow Dems. After Michael Wolff told Bill Maher that there was a clue in the book about who Trump is currently having an affair with, I reread a few passages. I believe the big clue is on page 204. (Wolff said the second half of the book is where it could be found.) Trump tells Hope Hicks that she has done enough for Cory Lewandowski and that she is the "best piece of tail" Lewandowski will ever have. (She and Lewandowski had relationship in the past.) She runs from the room crying. On the same page, it mentions that Hicks is Trumps "constant shadow" and the "person with the best access" to him. Hicks really has no official duties, yet she is virtually untouchable,even with all the chaos, backstabbing and constant firings. And everyone in the White House KNOWS that Hicks is untouchable.

The longer this doctor talks, the more he sounds like a cheerleader.

I have a question. Why was it the nephew of Dr. Martin Luther King at the White House

with Trump? Why was it not one of Dr. King's children?

Just heard on MSNBC that white house attorney Ty Cobb made a statement that

all of Mueller's white house interviews are done. Yeah right! He wishes!! Must be quite a job trying to keep the Toddler in Chief calm.

Another heart from another kind DUer. Thank you so much!

Another heart from another kind DUer. Thank you so much!

Thank you to the sweet DU friend who gave me a valentine heart!

I wasn't feeling very well today and you lifted my spirits with your thoughtfulness!

It's an AMBUSH!!!! Rachel Maddow is doing a job on Kellyanne the Con as we speak!

The story about the Hillsboro School District in Oregon banning Santa is NOT true.

I googled "Hillsboro School District, Oregon" and found a disclaimer on the first page of their website. They want it to be known that they have NOT banned Santa. The story apparently got started because some administrators told their staffs to be sensitive to various cultures, religions during the holiday season. It got all distorted and ended up being inaccurately reported in the local paper. I also logged onto the district's December event calendar and found school site events like "Ornament Day", "Holiday Bazaar" etc. etc.
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