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Oixi1993's Journal
Oixi1993's Journal
June 2, 2016

Perspective on Senator Sanders

I want to share a perspective I have on Bernie Sanders. I am a consultant to small businesses that are struggling. I tell them the truth even when they do not want to hear it. I am passionate about helping them. I find myself losing patience and nearly get overwhelmed with frustration at their ability to stay in denial about the dire consequences of not making changes. Many times I do not take their money to prove I am motivated to help them yet they still do not listen. With this in mind, I have no earthly idea how Sanders keeps his cool. I have no idea how he does not just go off on the media or others who refuse to face reality. He just calmly talks about the problems and the logical obvious solutions and explains to people who do not want to get it how things could be if they would just be willing to change. I experience this on a very small scale compared to him and he does his thing with such grace that I am humbled by his example.

I am further humbled by the fact that I bought the bull shit of Fox News and the mindless right wing for 30 plus years. So in my case I am grateful that he calmly explains the facts of where we are in a way that made me willing to change. I honestly wish I was half the man that Bernie Sanders is. This is a man we need as our leader and I wish I could do more to make this a reality.

But still, how in the hell does he do it? Do you have any idea how he has kept his sanity standing alone all these years knowing he is trying to do what is right and Americans chose to stick their head in the sand? What is your theory of how he has maintained his composure in the face of so much willful ignorance?

May 23, 2016

Could not help myself

I finally gave in and responded to some bullshit garbage about how stupid we are. How we are victims and violent. I will probably get spanked I guess but I just could not help myself. Light a candle for me. I am going to just avoid those posts going forward. It is not good for my blood pressure to read a pack of lies.

May 20, 2016

Born again Progressive

I have noticed some of my progressive friends on here are getting down. I can understand that one on hand but as a new convert to Progressive thought I am just full of enthusiasm. You guys have been fighting the good fight for some time now and are falling just short of a huge win. But as a new friend and supporter I want to encourage you. YOU ARE STILL RIGHT!!! YOU HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG!!! I am kicking ass on social media with facts and logic with my old conservative friends. I am not saying that proudly I am saying that when you can argue with facts instead of rhetoric you will win. The arguments that I am winning are YOUR arguments that I now have adopted as my own not as a follower but as a joiner.

So here is my point. We may not win this battle but WE WILL WIN THIS WAR!! Fresh reinforcements are joining and we have no battle scars and are eager to move this forward with you. This thing you guys started and Bernie has led is not losing momentum. I see the opposite. We will keep gaining momentum. We are going to start winning seats in both houses. We are going to convert more people like me. We WILL WIN in 2020.

You guys are just battle weary but I am so damn proud of you I could bust. I love you guys and give you the utmost respect for being leaders. I have said this before but after reading some downer posts decided I needed to try to share this encouragement.

Thank you my friends.

May 16, 2016


Ok, Oregonians...What gives? I have been there and would have thought it was Sanders country but I just saw a poll with Clinton up 15. I guess as a newbie to the Progressive cause I still believe people will come to their senses and elect the best candidate I have ever seen and I am 56. I have never been so enthused.

May 5, 2016


Sanders supporters were classified as wackos by a guest on Morning Joe. Good morning fellow wackos. As a converted Republican I am enjoying watching MSNBC. It is far more thoughtful than what I used to watch. But I have been surprised to see how much they seem to marginalize Bernie.

May 3, 2016


Dear fellow Progressives. YES, I am a proud progressive who is a reformed republican turned progressive. Here is my question; As a newbie to this forum and a newbie to the progressive cause, I am perplexed. The Progressive solutions and positions seem so damn logical. I have been doing my home work. (test me if you wish) During my research I keep finding that the progressives have been way out in front and leaders on many important issues. I guess I was naive when I was an R to think that Democrats and Progressives were all about the same. I mean Dems have been talking all the points, fairness, income inequality, racial equality, care for the poor, health-care, etc etc... The progressive solutions seem to be an all in approach. It is a let's really fix all this shit for real approach. So what really gives with Democrats not supporting Sanders? This is an honest to goodness real question. I just do not get it.

I am actually truly thankful for Senator Sanders. His logical common sense approach to issues started me on a journey to think, question, think some more, and conclude he/progressives are right. Maybe this is a rhetorical question or maybe there are some insights I can glean from you guys. I just do not get it.

May 1, 2016

Still unplugging


Just watched this powerful documentary. As I have posted many times now I am an ex republican who enthusiastic about supporting Senator Sanders. I keep finding powerful reasons to embrace the progressive cause. He is the only candidate addressing this head on. I am not sure my link went through. The documentary is The Culture High.

We put more people in prison than any other country.
Whites and blacks use pot on a per capita equal basis. Blacks are far more likely to be arrested and incarcerated.
There is a profit motive to fight the "war on drugs" by confiscating property.
The drug companies who own politicians (especially conservative politicians) fight legalization because pot would eliminate the need of many of these drugs.
Prisons are overfilled.

April 25, 2016

Winning over some friends


I need some help. I am a recent convert to the Progressive cause (two months) I still believe we can do this but we need more supporters. I am working where I can and that is on my friends on the right (where I was) I have been asked to provide some good material so they can take an honest look. Anything you think is good to show a struggling person from the right to join us would be greatly appreciated.

I am fighting on. You guys led the fight, I came late to the show, so let me fight on the front I can fight on which is people like me from the right who are prime for a better alternative.

Believe it or not there are people like me over there who are logical and can be persuaded like I was.

I am for real... I know this may sound crazy but I get it now. I have unplugged from the Matrix. I am involved in about 40 different political discussions with my ex con friends. I have 5 already that have come over like me.

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