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1965, Byrds, Gene Clark

1965 was the last year am radio really mattered. One Reason it did was The Byrds, OK we all remember the Dylan covers by McGuinn but Gene Clark was another genius of the group. Delivering lyrics and a mean Rickenbacker sound. This one was about relationships but seems so perfect for the Trump era. Check out McGuinn and Crosby in the foreground

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David Plouffe and other Democrats set up a Super PAC to combat Trump

Faced with the knowledge that the Warren/Sanders wing is losing to Trump this is a necessary thing.

Liberal groups plan early anti-Trump campaign efforts in key 2020 states

Faced with the prospect of a long and divisive Democratic primary season, liberal groups are kick-starting the general election in targeted swing states with plans for paid advertising campaigns attacking President Trump’s economic record...

Priorities USA has promised to spend $100 million on broadcast and digital ads in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida before Democrats pick a nominee. A second group, American Bridge, which has historically focused on opposition research, has begun fundraising for a $50 million expansion that will be devoted to a similar paid campaign to persuade voters in the same states that Trump has let them down.

A third group backed by labor unions and billionaire Tom Steyer, For Our Future, will be deploying $80 million this cycle for a voter contact campaign starting in the coming months that will target hard-to-reach voters this year in a broader group of potential swing states. And the political operation for former New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has begun planning a voter targeting and advertising effort focused on the nominating phase that could spend more than the $115 million invested in the 2018 elections, according to aides who were not authorized to speak publicly...

“We’re absolutely, as a party, not doing enough and I don’t know that $75 million is enough,” Ms. McGowan said. “We can’t afford to not do this work right now.” Of the fact that some of her group’s donors would remain undisclosed, she said, “We have to play on the field that exists,” noting that Mr. Trump is aided by such funds, as well...

https://www.washingtonpost.com › politics › 2019/03/21
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