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Member since: Tue Apr 5, 2016, 07:54 AM
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New Jersey GOP Candidate to Daily Beast Reporter: 'Hope You Get Raped By a Syrian Refugee'

A perpetual candidate for a small-time office in New Jersey told Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi Monday on Facebook that he hoped she would get raped “by a Syrian refugee.” The candidate, Mike Krawitz, is now claiming he was “hacked” and didn’t make the comments. Krawitz has been commenting on Nuzzi’s Facebook page since 2014, in an escalating series of curiously-punctuated insults.

Nuzzi, a politics reporter for the Beast, keeps her Facebook page public. Therein lies the seed for some truly wild interactions: Nuzzi also regularly appears on TV, and a certain segment of the populace has seemingly come to see her as a pleasant blonde incarnation of the Lying Biased Liberal Media.

Then there’s Mike Krawitz, who has repeatedly and unsuccessfully run for the township committee in his hometown of West Deptford. According to the West Deptford GOP, he’s running again, when he’s not busy sharing pro-Trump memes or Clinton health conspiracies on his own Facebook page. He’s one of Nuzzi’s regular commenters; his comments are eye-catching because they are invariably insulting, with every word punctuated with a period and every sentence ending in a smiley face.


more: http://theslot.jezebel.com/new-jersey-gop-candidate-to-daily-beast-reporter-hope-1786249036

and here: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/S-Jersey-GOP-candidate-blames-hack-for-rape-comments.html

Devastating new ad shows Trump campaign’s open racism makes some school kids’ lives hell

An ad from progressive group Move On shows how around the country, nonwhite and Muslim students are getting bullied by racist whites who’ve been emboldened by the unvarnished racism of the Donald Trump campaign.

Titled “Our Kids,” the video shows excerpts from news stories in which black, Muslim and Latino schoolchildren across the U.S. have been threatened and harassed by their white peers.


view it here:

Rob Reiner Tweets: We're sending liars to Mexico

Rob Reiner Verified account
Clearly we're not sending our best to Mexico. We're sending liars. We're sending narcissists. We're sending sociopaths.


Katie McHugh: Racist Breitbart writer's Twitter account

She's currently employed at Breitbart. Rachel Maddow just talked about her.

#PrayForNice to strip all Muslims of French citizenship, deport them all, close the borders to non-Europeans, & reject 'multiculturalism.'

Totally! When I think about America, the first thing that comes to mind is Islam and Third-World Muslims.

American readers look forward to your articles on Latino child rapists and their illegal immigration status.

Her account:

Trump Adviser And GOP Congressmen Gave Pro-Trump Interviews To White Nationalist Radio Host At RNC

Remember this guy's face? There was a big scandal a few months ago about him getting press credentials at a Trump rally. Apparently the Trump campaign didn't mind doing it again...

Several members of Congress and a Trump campaign official gave pro-Trump interviews to white nationalist leader James Edwards and his “pro-white” radio show The Political Cesspool during the Republican National Convention. Edwards is a David Duke acolyte and “has probably done more than any of his contemporaries on the American radical right to publicly promote neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, raging anti-Semites and other extremists,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Edwards pointed to his attendance at the convention as evidence that he and his radio program are going “mainstream.”

The Political Cesspool States It Represents “A Philosophy That Is Pro-White.” The Political Cesspool is a Tennessee-based radio program hosted by James Edwards. The program’s statement of principles says it represents “a philosophy that is pro-White.” One of its principles reads, “We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.” [ThePoliticalCesspool.org, accessed 7/24/16]

Edwards During RNC Show: “We’re Unequivocally Pro-White. This Is A Show That Advances The Interests Of European-Americans.” [Liberty News Radio, The Political Cesspool, 7/23/16]

more: http://www.nationalmemo.com/trump-adviser-gop-congressmen-gave-pro-trump-interviews-white-nationalist-radio-host-rnc/?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sd&utm_medium=email

The Main Republican Convention Stage Apparently Smells Like Rotten Bananas and Mildew


There is a foul odor emanating from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and folks—it isn’t the party platform. This morning, just before the start of the convention, a police officer conversed with a dispatcher about the distinct smell of “rotten bananas and mildew” wafting out of the arena’s banjo-shaped stage. That back-and-forth, broadcast via police scanner, is captured above.

All New York-based reporters forced to suffer the indignity of this gut-wrenching stench are recommended to return to the city, where the mountains of trash bags fermenting in 90-degree heat have given our streets the pleasing smell of a homely candle shop.

Trump Postponed VP Announcement After Nice Attack, But Not a Giant Glitzy L.A. Fundraiser

Donald Trump, a snot-flavored Jelly Bean gaining a frightening amount of power and influence, has had a curious reaction to the ghastly terror attack in Nice, France. One the one hand, he postponed announcing his vice presidential pick; on the other, he went ahead with a giant fundraiser in Bel-Air. Who knows? Acting presidential is hard.

Trump spent last night at a fundraiser hosted by Carla Sands, widow of real estate mogul Fred Sands, where people paid at least $2,700 to eat “pan-seared salmon and fresh fig salad” with Trump, per the L.A. Times.


Twitter Trolls Are Reporting Pro-LGBT Muslim Women to Their Governments,

Where Punishment Can Mean Death


In Kuwait, the penalty for blasphemy can be as severe as death. That’s why a new campaign to dox young Kuwaiti women with independent minds is so dangerous. A band of Twitter trolls alleging to be from the Middle East spent Sunday and Monday repeatedly reporting “atheist” and pro-LGBT girls and women to the local authorities in places where blasphemy laws allow for punishments as severe as death.

Stories of social media harassment have become increasingly common in recent years, but the consequences of this trolling campaign could be far more serious than most. Twitter users in Kuwait have already spent years in jail for tweets similar to the ones trolls unearthed on Sunday and Monday, as repeated requests to Twitter to ban those doxing young women have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Late Sunday night, Twitter user @old_gaes tweeted a screenshot of one of @Pharaohoe’s tweets from February, which had replaced the word “domain” in a verse from the Quran with a slang word for vagina. “This is the end of another atheist and we should continue exposing every Arab atheist child to their parents who do not know of their atheism,” @old_gaes wrote in Arabic above the tweet.

Primary Night Event with Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn tomorrow night

Just curious to see who will be going. I'm going (with my husband); we're so excited to see her tomorrow night.

I think she's going to make an announcement (hmmm...what could it be???) hah

Anti-Semitic Trump supporters made a giant list of people to target with a racist meme


This week, Mic wrote about (((echoes))), an anti-Semitic punctuation-based code for identifying Jewish people; a name appearing in between parentheses indicates the person is Jewish.

(((echoes))) is also the basis of a Google Chrome extension called “Coincidence Detector,” which automatically placed those parentheses around more than 8,000 names, whenever those names appeared on a webpage viewed in Chrome with the extension active.

The extension’s description in the Chrome store sarcastically explained that its purpose was to “help you detect total coincidences about who has been involved in certain political movements and media empires.”

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