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Member since: Mon Apr 4, 2016, 03:04 PM
Number of posts: 2,252

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A New Detour As My Life Winds Down

My brother and room mate since 2006 passed away this month. Looking into assisted living. A friend who is a social worker set me up with a place. Was supposed to meet with them but I was informed that 10 people tested positive for Covid. Meeting is reset for next week. I feel the way I did before the first day of kindergarten. I'd appreciate any tips about hiding my cash ( not the Papillon method ). I'll miss my huge DVD collection. Cutting down from thousands to a couple of bags of my favorites. Life is full of shocks and surprises.

Where In The World Is Casey DrSantis?

She was always around when Ronnie ran for Gov. the first time. Even appearing in the commercial with Ronnie grooming the 3 little ones into the Trump Cult. Later they announced that she is cancer free. Haven't seen her lately. Has she been replaced?

Q : What Do You Call A Texas SWAT Tean?

A : A SO WHAT Team.....Yeah I know it's not so funny. Even I didn't laugh at it but it least it took my mind away from the slaughtered innocents and the Self Serving Politicians that caused Their Deaths.

Did the Death of Randy Weaver

Spur the recent wave of shootings throughout America, like Buffalo NY? Wasn't Weaver one of those White Power nut jobs?

How Can Any Mother

Who votes republican, look into the eyes of her daughter again? How can any daughter, live under the same roof with a mother who votes republican?

Thank You Mr. Alito

For alerting Americans to the dangers of voting for Fascist Republican Candidates.

Time To Pack The Courts

Are you listening Joe? Maybe even begin impeachment proceedings against these lying shitweasels.


What Ever Happened To Emerald DeSantis?

Oops sorry, I mean Emerald Robinson. Is Roger Stone saving her for a rainy day in November 24? Come to think of it, how is Casey DeSantis doing lately? Remember when Newt Geingrich cheated on his Cancer survivor wife? I guess GOP voters don't care when one of their own does it.

Roger Stone claims when DeSantis was missing he was with former Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson

So we want to be very cautious when we state that Stone – who speaks for Donald Trump at all times, whether he has Trump’s approval or not – today hinted that Ron DeSantis spent a week in the sun over the holidays with the sultry, soulless, and thoughtless Emerald Robinson, formerly of Newsmax. (Well, ex reporter…after spreading all those bogus claims regarding covid-19.)

Ron DeSantis is married to a woman, a woman with cancer, a woman whose name is Casey DeSantis, not “Emerald Robinson."

So it was intriguing when Stone wrote:

“Trump sometimes President Donald Trump hits it right on the nose. Ron DeSantis Yale Harvard fat boy can’t get out of his own way. Not smart. Not honest and not going to be president. An unknown congressman with a bad haircut and an ill fitting suit until Donald Trump made him governor. I know where he was when he was missing. Ask Emerald Robinson. #FuckRonDesantis…”


Does Anyone Remember TV's "Ben Casey" or "Dr. Kildare" ?

I have season one Dr. Kildare on DVD but haven't seen an episode of Ben Casey in at least 50 years. I wish some cable TV station would re run them like, ME TV or Cosi or Antenna. I think Ben Casey was on Monday and Kildare was Thursdays. NBC and ABC. This was 60 years ago.

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