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pressbox69's Journal
pressbox69's Journal
July 17, 2021

"Everyone's Gone To The Moon" (1965) by Jonathan King. Love Song or Prophecy?

Some of the lyrics seem a lot more timely for 2021 than they did in 1965. If Nostradamus wrote this song, they would be talking about it for hundreds of years.

"Eyes full of sorrow, never wet

Hands full of money, all in debt

Sun disappears in the middle of June

Everyone's gone to the moon."

but the line that gets me is,

"cars full of motors, painted green"

"green" is far more meaningful today than it in 1965. The lines about "money" and "debt" seem appropriate for this day and age, what with millionaires blasting off for space, the moon, Mars? Is it all new or was it written about eons ago when we left the last burned out rock to come to this new rock, that's about to burn out like the last one did? Am I reading too much into this song?

July 5, 2021

Trivia For Citizen Kane (1941) Fans

A couple of days ago I was watching The Falcon In Hollywood (1944), on TCM. About 20 minutes in, The Falcon (Tom Conway) and his lady cabdriver friend, explore a prop room. They find a body but in the dark background to the left of the frame, a portrait of the elderly Kane can be seen hanging on the wall. It was the same portrait that can be seen hanging over Bernstein's (Everett Sloane) desk and fireplace while he is being interviewed about Rosebud. I know both movies were from the RKO studio. Is it possible that someone wanted to trigger Hurst by exposing the Kane portrait, knowing that Hurst wanted all trace of the film to be buried forever?
This may be common knowledge to movie fans but I just discovered it the other day.

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