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CrowCityDem's Journal
CrowCityDem's Journal
May 31, 2016

Barney Frank on MSNBC Just Now:

Barney Frank let it be known that he will not be harassed into submission by the Sanders' campaign. Not only did he aggressively fight back against the notion that he couldn't be impartial in adjudicating the rules (including explaining the very limited role the rules committee holds), he let fly a damning criticism of Bernie.

It was, if you pardon my paraphrasing, "Senator Sanders didn't realize black votes matter."

Ouch. Burn.

May 30, 2016

Sorry Bernie, these facts don't lie:

The only way he can win is to have it handed to him on a silver platter. Democracy!
May 27, 2016

"The Center": Where is it?

Over and over, it seems that you can't bring up Hillary's name around here without being told that she's actually a Republican, and that she's far to the right of the political center.

That is such a distortion of the truth, but it leads me to a question for the people who actually believe that:

Where is the political 'center'?

Hillary shares most of her goals with Bernie, just with a more realistic focus on what can actually be done. She shares most of her governing philosophy with President Obama, who eight years ago was considered the most liberal nominee in decades.

I can already predict that responses will, as they often do, point to Richard Nixon as proof Hillary is really a Republican. I'm talking about TODAY. In today's political climate, what does Hillary have in common with the toxic human beings that ran on the Republican side, who want to destroy every bit of progress this country has made over the last century?

If all you have to point to is the way in Iraq, and the intervention in Libya, keep this in mind: a Democrat got us involved in World War II, a Democrat dropped the atomic bomb, and a Democrat got us involved in Vietnam. The idea that the Democratic party has been against using the military as a tool is a pure fantasy. Even Bernie voted to make regime change in Iraq our official position.

Do we have to ignore the reality of where the country is to declare Hillary to be anything other than what she is; a solidly left of center politician?

May 27, 2016

Bernie Supporters Suing To Change CA Rules


The release continued, "The activists are seeking sweeping injunctive relief in their suit, including provisions to force 58 counties to segregate ballots already cast by unaffiliated voters; to allow "re-votes" by those voters for presidential primary candidates; and to extend the state's voter registration deadline -- which passed on May 23 for eligibility to vote in the June 7 primary -- until election day itself."

Look, it's one thing to not like the way a primary is set up, but to go to court and sue WHILE THE ELECTION IS GOING ON to change the rules is such a blatant slap in the face of the 'democracy' Bernie fans keep talking about. Do overs? Segregating people's votes?

This is disgusting behavior.
May 25, 2016

Bernie: He owes us an answer

Bernie Sanders has spent much of the last month and a half openly complaining to anyone who will listen that the problem with the primary process is that not enough people are able to participate. He practically demanded that the party open every state's primary, despite not being in control of them.

Last night, for the second time, a state that Bernie won by a large margin in a caucus held a non-binding primary. And for the second time, there was a massive swing in support, and Bernie lost.

Bernie is famous for saying "we win when voter turnout is high". Nebraska and Washington have now proven that to be a lie.

If Bernie honestly believes in what he says about opening up the system, he owes us an answer for why he is silent on caucuses, when it has now been twice proven that he only won some of his biggest victories because of a system that makes voting too hard for most people.

He can't remain silent anymore. We must demand he address this issue.

May 24, 2016

Bernie sure makes it seem he thinks Hillary is as bad as Trump


He brushed aside questions about whether he would campaign for Clinton in the fall, cutting off NBC’s Kristen Welker when she tried to ask.

This has been Bernie's way of doing things lately. He continues to rattle his sabre against Hillary, against the DNC, and threaten to sue everyone who he perceives as being against him. But when someone dares to ask him a question, he walks away like a petulant child. He can't even do the usual political spin and use it as a pivot point. He literally walks away and refuses to acknowledge the question was asked.

It should be a no-brainer for anyone running as a Democrat, or even an unaffiliated progressive, that they will campaign for Hillary in the fall. I find it extremely telling, and quite troubling, that he refuses to say anything concrete about helping her.
May 24, 2016

Sanders is filled with contempt for everyone who doesn't agree with him.


Unfortunately, Sanders is also injecting one of the most wrong-headed and frankly embarrassing aspects of lefty thought into our discourse: The tendency to dismiss people who disagree with you as dupes who have been misled by a shadowy cabal of evil masterminds who brainwash the masses in order to perpetuate economic injustice.

This is the premise of Sanders’ “political revolution” argument: That the only reason voters hadn’t backed a socialist in the past is they never really had a chance to.

Sanders is butting up against empirical reality here, which has disproved his theory that a democratic socialist would win if only given a chance. But instead of revising his theory, he’s digging in, making increasingly convoluted arguments to explain away what is quite clearly just a straight-up debunking of his theory of politics.

Sanders likes to portray himself as the champion of the little guy, but his theory of politics is elitist. His rhetoric paints everyone who disagrees with him is either a sell-out or a dupe who doesn’t know what’s really good for them. And that, in turn, is breeding paranoid, vindictive behavior from Sanders and his camp, who are unwilling to accept the possibility that he lost the primary in a fair fight.

In reality, most people who disagree with Sanders are not bamboozled or corrupt. In most cases, they simply have different priorities or values.

There has certainly been ample evidence of this thinking around here, where the very idea that Hillary is a left-of-center politician, let alone a progressive, is routinely laughed at and derided.
May 21, 2016

It's always Hillary's fault, it's always Hillary's job

As we near the end, and word is that Bernie is quietly telling people behind the scenes that he's going to find a way to play nice once the primaries are over, we are approaching the point in time where we, as a party, unify. Or at least try to.

The common narrative is that unity is Hillary's responsibility, that it is her job to mollify the Sanders supporters who are currently unwilling to giver her their vote. That's partially true. Except for one thing.

In 2008, when the roles were reversed, the narrative was that it was Hillary's job to get her people in line and convince them to support Obama in the fall. The discord was blamed on her, and the calls for unity were nearly exclusively pointed towards her.

So what has changed in eight years to switch the onus from the loser to the winner? There are only two things I can see. 1) Genders have switched, and unconscious sexism is making the woman take the blame, or 2) Hillary really is uniquely held to a different standard than anyone else.

This is one of the reasons why Clinton supports keep laughing at the accusations that the media is biased against Bernie. No one faces the day-to-day intransigence that she does.

May 19, 2016

Sickening: Bernie "willing to do some harm to Mrs. Clinton" to win California.


While Mr. Sanders says he does not want Mr. Trump to win in November, his advisers and allies say he is willing to do some harm to Mrs. Clinton in the shorter term if it means he can capture a majority of the 475 pledged delegates at stake in California and arrive at the Philadelphia convention with maximum political power.

“The only thing that matters is what happens between now and June 14,” Mr. Devine said

Several described the campaign’s message as having devolved into a near-obsession with perceived conspiracies on the part of Mrs. Clinton’s allies.

This is absolutely sickening behavior from a man who has to know that he has lost this nomination. If he was continuing to run to get his message out, few would begrudge him. But this is more evidence that he isn't a Democrat, he doesn't care about getting a Democrat elected in November, and this movement really is all about him feeding his ego.

Right now, I'm so disgusted by the way Bernie is handling things that if he does have the courage to stay a Democrat in the Senate, I hope the party does the right thing and reduces him to his proper level of seniority; the bottom rung of the Democratic ladder.

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