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CrowCityDem's Journal
CrowCityDem's Journal
May 10, 2016

Sexism, Low-Information, Or What? Red-State Bernie, Why?

Something about this campaign makes absolutely no sense. Bernie has openly talked about being the most progressive candidate, questioning the progressive credentials of Hillary. It is no secret to anyone paying attention that he is (to an undetermined degree) the more liberal of the candidates. And yet, as evidenced by the exit polling out of West Virginia tonight, he continues to win in rural, red-state areas where the Democrats are perceived to be more conservative than the average.

What would make so-called 'conservative Democrats' vote for the more liberal candidate? Are those the kinds of voters more prone to being uncomfortable with a woman being in charge?

May 10, 2016

Bernie needs to put Weaver on a leash

He is a right wing politician from Mexico. Everybody knows that. He’s just wrong. The person in the race who is out there to defend American democracy, to create an economy that works for everybody, to end corrupt finance system, that’s Bernie Sanders. And you know, right wing foreigners, you know, you could take that with what it’s worth.

"Foreigners". So now the official Sanders' campaign position seems to be that people in other countries can't have an opinion, or they should never voice it. Classy move, Weaver.

It's things like this that lead people to lump Bernie and Trump supporters together.


May 7, 2016

Hillary wins Guam - Bernie's winning streak over already

The momentum of the race, if there is such a thing, continues to stay with Hillary, as she has won the Guam caucus today. The net will only be one delegate, but comparing that to the six delegates Bernie gained out of Indiana shows how little impact that state made to the race.

May 4, 2016

If Bernie is a leader, he will drop out of the race.

We have reached a point we never thought possible. Donald Trump is not only going to be the Republican nominee for President, but he will have wrapped it up long before the convention. There will be no contesting, there will be no infighting. From today until July, Donald Trump is the nominee, and he can turn to the general election without hesitation.

That is why it is incumbent on Bernie Sanders to do one of two things; 1) Drop out of the race, or 2) Justify his path to victory.

Bernie said not long ago that he will do "everything in my power" to make sure a Republican doesn't win the White House. That statement, by definition, includes his ability to end the Democratic primary season.

While we can sit here and say that Donald Trump has no chance of ever winning the election in November, we also said the same thing about the primary. The mere fact that it is possible means that we, as Democrats, should be doing everything we can to destroy his chances beginning today. That is not possible, however, while we are still embroiled in an active primary. Hillary cannot move on to raising money and fully organizing a general election campaign while Bernie is still in the race. It would be viewed as an insult by many of his vocal supporters, and party unity is too important to allow that.

That leaves Bernie in firm control of what happens next. For the sake of the party not giving Donald Trump a one or two month head start on his never-ending string of attacks against Hillary, the entire party needs to be able to respond in lockstep, without fighting a two-pronged war. Every attack leveled by Bernie at this point not only reinforces the toxic image Trump will try to portray of her, but it distracts her from being able to fight back appropriately. Though he doesn't mean it, Bernie is opening a flank for Trump to attack.

This would be moot if we were still in the midst of a close race. Bernie has lost, though. The math against him is daunting, which even he admits when he and his advisors make the case that their only path to winning is to have the establishment rig the process to steal the nomination away from the choice of the voters. By actively promoting such an undemocratic usurping of the process, Bernie is engaged in a bad faith attempt to wrest away the nomination, de-ligitimizing Hillary, and giving yet more ammunition to Trump.

It is incumbent on Bernie, if he wants to continue on in this race, to justify how he can win through democratic means. If he cannot make a case, his continued presence does not help the party by pushing it to the left, it does real damage by giving Trump a head start. Even now, as Bernie is accusing Hillary and the DNC of money laundering, we can see how easily Trump will take Bernie's own words and use them for his own benefit.

The time has passed for Bernie. With no path to the nomination, he is holding back the party from doing its job and beginning the fight for the White House. Bernie's entire campaign has been built on attacking the Democratic party as an institution, but as a man running to be its standard-bearer, he must realize that the right thing to do is to show leadership and bow out, so there is a future for him to influence.

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