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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:56 AM
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OK, time for a light hearted thread! Let's play...."What can Republicans not claim anymore?"

I'll go first with a few ideas:

Family values...seriously-- gave that one up with a thrice married man who paid off a porn star!

Boot Straps! "Where's my stimulus check??"

Religion -- what denomination is the orange clown anyway? Has anyone actually ever seen him in a regular church service?

Does anyone here remember those cool little "health food" stores in the seventies?

The ones that had homemade things like soap, and lotion....sold vegan sandwiches....and bulk food such as split peas, flour, nutritional yeast, etc?

You would walk in, and the gentle, light smell of sandlewood and patchouli would greet you as you entered?

IF you could....would you shop in one again? This is a serious question, btw--- I am thinking of opening one.
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