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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:56 AM
Number of posts: 1,207

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Any word on where

The former nude model is?

Are she and Pence both hiding?

I wish we could start a (no cash prizes) pool on how Trump is going to leave...

I really believe he's going to pack up and go to FL for Christmas, and not go back to the WH.

OR, he'll get mad over the EC vote in a few weeks- and just flat out quit--- and then spend weeks tweeting that anyone that doesn't like him is a "traitor."

Any others?

Getting ready to take the garbage to the dump....then have a Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat.

Happy Thanksgiving DU!


After four, long, miserable fucking years....I finally understand a Trump decision:

He wants to spend Thanksgiving at the White House while the contractors renovate living quarters at Maralawhatever the hell it is....and probably spray for bedbugs-


Dear Mask-less jackwit at Costco: Wondering who reported you to the manager

and made you so mad?

That was me. I am your freaking Huckleberry, you sorry assed son of a bitch with the manners of a rotten persimmon on a hot day.

I am OVER these assholes. Over them. We can't start school, have Christmas--- we can't put our vacation rental on the market, and are going to miss out on a shit ton of money.

I am sick of them- their dumbfuck conspiracy theories-- and their attempt with a goddamned washed up, bankrupt, failed reality show host to hijack the nation.

He just almost conceded

Did anyone else hear that?

My administration will not go into a lockdown; who knows what the next one will do?

He stumbled on the words, smiled, and said, "who knows what is going to happen?"

He knows. It's over.

Can someone help me post a tweet? Don Trump, Jr.:

That disgusting person tweeted this at 8:06 last night in response to Bloomberg's tweet. I found it because I accidentally clicked on that vapid Ivanka's tweet with pictures of herself and veterans. I think Don Jr. is either drinking again, or on coke.

Hahahahahahah. Yea the past 4 years totally weren’t exactly that?!? You people are f-ing clowns.
Quote Tweet

· 10h
For perhaps the first time in American history, a coordinated effort to taint or overturn a presidential election may be underway https://trib.al/rMxYlDj

A new social media platform that has the potential to be damaging:


I signed up for it because I am a librarian, and try to stay up on social media/ semantic web platforms. It is billed as a non-partisan, free speech platform. Right now, I don't like the user interface, but that could be because I am in my late fifties, and do have technostress over new platforms. I have not played around with it.

However, upon signing up, the first thing I encountered was lists of folks to follow. ALL of them that I encountered in the first few pages, bar none, were right wing.

This looks very much like a great platform for the Qanon followers to land, and congregate. It "feels" less "icky" than shady Qanon websites- and seems to be designed to appeal to disgruntled Facebook users.

I am seriously considering getting some of my librarian friends together and attempting to lead classes there on "how to recognize fake news," "US government," and "US history."

I don't know yet- I would need a pretty big group of volunteers. Also, if you do sign up, be aware that it does not look secure in terms of hiding your identity.

Is Ghoulianee working pro-bono? The orange grifter is begging for money

to pay his legal fees already.

I hope Trump tweets some seriously nutty stuff over the next

six weeks. And I hope Mitch and that little twit down in FL (Gaetz-- I can't stand him so badly that I can't remember his name) sit right behind him and tweet their version of "Atta boy!!"

I hope Don Jr. and his weird girlfriend get more outrageous.

There are 2 Senate seats up for grabs in Georgia--- and voters down there are showing that a good number of them are sick of Republican shenanigans.

The whackier this circus side show becomes, the better.
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