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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:56 AM
Number of posts: 1,207

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We are up at a popular ski resort- one of the few in the South

The crowds are amazing- NO social distancing in site.

I think Fauci was right; I think we are getting ready to see the worst of it.

Christmas Eve morning early libations thoughts--- upon reading Facebook comments....

I poured bourbon in my coffee this morning. I am spending the day wrapping- cleaning.....just messing around the house.

Sitting there reading Facebook, and some stuff on DU--- I realized one thing I am tired of- sick of-- done with: the word "progressive" bandied about as if it is somehow a bad thing.

So, I have decided to start calling Republicans "Regressives."

It's so much more polite than "Repukes," or "dumbfucks." Doesn't "Regressive" sound better than "Shitforbrains?"

Well, I think so.

I hope everyone is having a calm day- and looking forward to a happier New Year. I know there are so many suffering right now, and I am thinking of them- and those on DU. I have been reading DU since the day I saw the banner at GWB's inauguration (the banner and that glorious egg!!)--- married a DUer that I met here.


Take a look at WH Christmas decorations from decades ago to present....Notice anything?


Wait til you see it; it's horrifying.

I just google imaged Dr. Jill Biden....ES and MS librarians all over the world are rejoicing

In a little over a month, we can let children "google image" search the first lady for the first time in four years.

Thank goddess.

I have always wondered where those "Think about the childrens" crowd has been- are they hiding under rocks, or holding their hands over their eyes and ears? It's bad enough that 8th boys (and probably younger) were asking who "Stormy Daniels was?"

Anyhow- here's looking forward to true family values demonstrated in the WH.

My FB post--- I am so sick of hearing about "freedom" from

the halfwitted, traitorous troglodytes about masks--

I was born in 1964, roughly a century after the Civil War, and a couple decades after WWII. My grandfather (Mom's father) had a purple heart that he earned in France. I knew him well, as he died in 2017. So- I grew up with many "war stories," and stories of the sacrifices my family made- from turning out the lights at sundown, not having silk stockings or sugar....saving and donating aluminum, etc. If I come across as rude about people who can't wear a *&^%ed mask to save other Americans, you'll have to excuse me. I was not raised with selfish people who couldn't put two and two together and realize the need for cooperation for the greater good.

Joe Biden seems like the nicest guy on the planet-- but, I doubt he would pardon

a president that took bribes for a pardon. Trump might have cooked his goose thinking he was going to win.

I kind of hope Trump is guilty as hell of that- That will put a permanent end to us having to hear about him, AND his trashy children. Ivanka will be the one that comes out OK-- she and that bondo faced weirdo she is married to-- have enough to buy a small country house in Europe somewhere obscure. They can spend their days lounging at the pool or something, and then shop in large cities relatively unnoticed. Maybe she can start making handcrafted pocketbooks or something.

Jr. might have some problems--- he needs to start in rehab.

And I don't know who the Trump chick is that wants to run in the NC Senate, but that would take her out of that race too. I need to look her up; I am in NC, and she reminds me of Very South Charlotte Trash.....but, doesn't look as if she would fit in anywhere else.

Any word on where

The former nude model is?

Are she and Pence both hiding?

I wish we could start a (no cash prizes) pool on how Trump is going to leave...

I really believe he's going to pack up and go to FL for Christmas, and not go back to the WH.

OR, he'll get mad over the EC vote in a few weeks- and just flat out quit--- and then spend weeks tweeting that anyone that doesn't like him is a "traitor."

Any others?

Getting ready to take the garbage to the dump....then have a Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat.

Happy Thanksgiving DU!


After four, long, miserable fucking years....I finally understand a Trump decision:

He wants to spend Thanksgiving at the White House while the contractors renovate living quarters at Maralawhatever the hell it is....and probably spray for bedbugs-

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