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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:56 AM
Number of posts: 1,207

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Snake question!

I am a middle school librarian that brought home a teacher's class pet-- a two foot long corn snake. Roxie is super personable, and is great with the kids.

Yesterday, while her cage was on a cart going to the car, she went into strike position, and then burrowed under her shavings. I moved her into the dining room, and totally left her alone. This morning, I had to change her water, and she was clearly pissed off- came out of her house and bit me.

I am talking to her, and letting her get used to me after the big move--- my question is, "how long will it take her to get used to the dining room?" She'll be going back to school in 6 weeks. I don't want to stress her out--- she's a really good girl, and was clearly saying "Get the "f" out of my cage! I have had enough crap!"

I am thinking a week or so? And yes- I'll be wearing gloves when I change her shaving/ bedding-

Does anyone else look at the "Karen" (I know that is a loaded term on DU) videos

and see people that clearly need mental health help? On many of them, yes- I see pure racism (the Laface lady and her husband in SF), but on some of them, I think the accusers need a therapist asap. Case in point- the woman in Central Park. Those theatrics weren't just hateful, they weren't normal. Harming the dog, starting to scream and cry while she was on the phone about a bird watcher--- wtf? That's not normal adult behavior by any stretch of the imagination.

The new one in Asheville, NC? There is something very wrong with that woman that goes beyond racism-- she is clearly unhinged on a street right near the square (I live in NC, and lived in Asheville for over a decade).

Here's the current one: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100213604172

There is a study that was posted on DU about how Americans are now "unhappier" than they have been in 50 years. I know that economic/ Trump/ Covid 19 have me stressed to the gills. I am at the point where I don't want to keep liquor in the house, because of the temptation to just read the news and get blindingly ripped-- and we are a well educated, professional middle class couple with jobs, healthcare, etc (hell, we even have the house with the picket fence, god help me).

So many people seem on the verge of snapping--

We need a different leader, more opportunities for education, diversity training, and a shit ton of money poured into mental health care.

OK DU Truckers! I need help!

Our neighbor in the mountains of NC is a trucker, and a funny "good 'ol boy" type. Super easy to get along with- we have enjoyed his company for several years.

He owns his own truck, and I know that he drives all over the country-- up North, and out to the West coast.

He JUST posted a Trump 2020 meme on his FB page, with a commentary about "snowflakes." We have never discussed politics with him- no reason to, really.

How has the Trump administration been for the trucking business? He hauls construction materials and equipment.

Kurt Thomas, the 1st U.S. male gymnast to win a world championship, dies at 64

Source: Chicago Tribune

Kurt Thomas, the first U.S. male gymnast to win a world championship gold medal, died Friday at 64, his family said.

Thomas had a stroke May 24, caused by a tear of the basilar artery in the brain stem.

Read more: https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/breaking/ct-kurt-thomas-gymnast-dies-20200607-yeudmecvtzhjjebcg2j4nutiae-story.html

Can one of our talented DUers- maybe even Earl G-

Create a meme that shows a screenshot of Trump with his head photoshopped onto the actor from "Independence Day" vs. hiding in a bunker?

It needs to be on FB, twitter, snappychat, instagram--- DU---

Show the clowns how delusional the man is.

Thoughts on a Sunday morning- re: riots and protests

As frightening as the events of the past week have been, I realized last night that I am grateful for one thing:

Schools are out.

To be clear, I am a middle school librarian, and do not expect any violence that our AP's and Principal (and parents) cannot handle. I think I am in a good place because our students are young enough to still be children, but old enough to wear their masks next Fall and take the Covid 19 virus seriously. My heart goes out to the Elementary teachers that will have to corral the tiny ones that are fidgety by nature, and pass around colds constantly all Fall and Winter.

If the anger- the riots, and the demonstrations continue into August, I fully expect to see problems on the university campuses. Having to see another Kent State is terrifying.

On a lighter, happier note- I cannot wait for the kiddos to come back. A media center without students is very depressing-- empty. I am a "loud librarian." I allow food and drinks in the media center (some people are appalled by that-- the kiddos love it), and run a maker space program complete with paper airplanes flying (force and motion- part of the curriculum), plants growing, green screen movies being made--- and frankly, the greatest collection of sparkly gel pens South of the Mississippi. I am excited that we can get back to "kind of normal" (not really, but it's better than nothing) in August.

Is it time, and would it work? The 25th Amendment


"Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President."

Why does Melania tweet?

Does she enjoy the snarky, ugly comments she receives in reply? Does she not realize how hated she is?

Surely to god she cannot be that oblivious.

Just some rambling thoughts about Trump on a misty NC morning-

I hated the Bush presidency-- hated it. He, and his team of ghoulish, jingoistic advisers worked my last nerve.

That said, when I see photos of Trump outside the WH, photographed in the same spots so many pictures of JFK, Eisenhower, FDR and all others stood-- my skin crawls. Bush outraged me, but I never felt like the WH itself was infested-

I want him, and his horrid family, out of that historical house.

I want Twitter to shut him out, to take away his increasingly volatile, maniacal voice.

I don't care if he goes to jail, goes to Mar-a whatever you call it, or goes to Sweden to live in a cottage. I don't care anymore.

I just want him gone from my radar.

I am praying that his portrait is hung somewhere in the WH-- maybe a closet? so that we can forget this ugly time in the US and start healing.

I want farmers, coal miners, factory workers to start voting in their best interests, and quit looking at the stock market as the main indicator of "wealth."

This jingoistic bullshit has got to stop.

Looks like Amy Cooper (Central Park lady in video) might be a Liberal

Interesting article- Thoughts on this? When I watched that awful video, in my mind I immediately tagged her as a MAGA-

However, campaign contribution information with donations to Democrats such as Barack Obama, Pete Buttigieg, and John Kerry leaked online earlier today appeared to suggest that Amy actually identifies as a liberal. If true, this matters, because in this political era, during this most critical US presidential election, it is necessary that we understand and recognize that white violence transcends party lines and political ideology.

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