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Member since: Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:56 AM
Number of posts: 1,207

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Cal Cunningham's "sexts" should appeal to conservatives- not sure what the problem is.

"Cunningham’s personal indiscretion offers a fresh test of whether voters will punish candidates for their private, consensual activity, and the answer they deliver could determine which party wields power in the Senate."


Has anyone actually read this drivel? I specifically mean the "sexts." If "get a white starched shirt" is any indication of the raging passion displayed, outraged voters must have needed a cold shower after reading "Little House on the Prairie."

I live in NC. Honest to Jesus Christ himself, if voters can rush to the polls to vote for a man that declares he can "grab women by the pussy," ....apparently, Cal could get some more votes by going on TV and saying, "Yeah!!! I did it!!! AND I even bought a new pocket protector. She LOVES that!!!"

Hey, seriously- Republicans eat this crap up. We have a first lady whom I cannot allow middle school students to "google image." They wanted every detail of Clinton and what he did with cigars. (Were they still wrapped? Were they from Cuba?)

Democrats need to pull up their tighty whities and get a goddamned grip.

Thank you for the responses- well, that's it. I no longer

give a crap how that man is doing.

I tried- goddess help me. I tried.

There's nothing that can be done. Nothing is going to him a decent human being. He's just a freaking living, halfway breathing sideshow who debases himself and those silly assed, low class fools.

I kind of feel the same way Romney did when he said something about the 40% or whatever it was. Fuck them. They are too stupid to deal with.

JanMichael (my husband) and I were driving home-- help me out here

Michael and I were driving home from visiting my folks (who despise Trump)...and I called Mom to tell her that we were turning into our driveway. She was madder than hell, saying, "Can you BELIEVE he did THAT?"

OK-- fill us in. What is the latest tomfuckery from that clown?

Thank you. We need a narrative.

Anyone else watching Graham debate Harrison?

If I hear Lindsey say "My family owns a liquor store," or "the mob that attacked my house" one more time---

Anyway, he is telling everyone that healthcare is going to be socialized- and the US is just going to be a liberal nightmare.

Also, Lindsey has said several times, "they hate my guts."

My goddess, the news this morning is straight out of the

Pravda handbook.

Seriously- a tweet, "we are both positive...."

Then the aides, "we could SENSE he wasn't feeling well days before" even though we were also told the Trumps were being "tested constantly."

Oh holy shit- I can't wait for those clowns to leave office. I can't. Go the fuck away. Permanently. I don't even care if they go to some amazingly huge house with golf courses, tennis courts, and spas. Just.go.away.

Georgetown Law School- "unauthorized private militia groups at polling places"

ICAP has created fact sheets for all 50 states explaining the laws barring unauthorized private militia groups and what to do if groups of armed individuals are near a polling place or voter registration drive. Select a state from the menu below to view the corresponding fact sheet.


Trump's crowd size in NC:

looks like less than a couple of thousand. I could be wrong. It's not large though.

We aren't far from where he is speaking- it's 76 degrees, partly cloudy. He's at a small, regional airport that has an airstrip big enough for cargo jets- so easy for Air Force One to land. Lots of parking there.

He's right between Greensboro and Winston-Salem- so roughly 550,000 people are in a 20 minute easy drive of the place. It's about an hour and a half from Charlotte.

I would say those numbers aren't great- especially on a night like this that is so pretty, and cool out.

The Republicans here just voted NOT to give teachers a raise or bonus for the year, so it's possible that group is mostly lost.

Trump is campaigning in NC right now

the people behind him are wearing masks- (most of them), but the crowd in front? About 1 in 10. NC is going to have a Covid 19 spike in the next two weeks. First the weekend, and now this mess.

Here's a live link--- he's just doing the usual blah blah blah....so turn the sound down-

Anyone here remember the Guy James Show?

A radio show that was broadcast from Florida?

He used to be on DU- I wonder what happened to him-

Isn't it incredibly sad that anyone would look at the RNC speakers and think:

Oh! I am going to watch every minute of that! I used to LOVE Chachi--- honey, remember when he first dated Joanie???

I don't understand why Dems don't think Ivanka and Melania are gorgeous! If I had that money, I would have plastic surgery also--

These are the leaders we NEED to make our country great!

This is the result of killing public school funding for decades- or was it ever really funded?
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