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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Spiritual home: the rocky Maine coast
Member since: Sun Mar 27, 2016, 08:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,629

About Me

Greetings... what can I say? I'm an old time hippie and anti-war activist from the 60's. I was radicalized then and have always remained political. One's politics can have different aspects. Economically I'm an FDR liberal. Socially I believe in the Ninth Amendment that government has no legitimate power to limit some rights such as responsible drug use, the right to choose, or one's sexual behavior. Politically I'm to the left of the Democratic Party. Why? Over the years I realized the focus of activists should not be stamping out brush fires and putting band-aids on problems. The effort must always be to keep in mind the root of most of our problems such as wealth inequality, growing corporate power, voter apathy, climate change, etc... is an electoral system that is incapable of measuring the popular will and a political system that is incapable of implementing it. Sadly, the Democratic Party seems to need a push to find a greater appreciation for... and to work towards, implementing common sense democratic reforms to both those electoral and political systems.

Journal Archives

Did Barry Goldwater Smoke Pot?

A friend of mine went to University of Arizona back in the early 70s. Somehow he met Barry Goldwater and confronted him about pot. Goldwater, as the story goes, said he took a boat out beyond the 3 mile limit to try it. I don't remember what the rest of the story was.

Has anyone ever heard this story?

The GOP's Amusing Fixation On Health Care "Choice"

The obvious problem with the GOP's claim about wanting more "choice" in health care is

1: Having numerous options to be under insured or to have access to plans with outrageous deductibles is NOT a choice worth having


2: CHOICE IS EXPENSIVE. It's expensive to administer all those health care plans each with its own pool of cash, different coverage and exclusion rules, different networks, and billing procedures.

Sometimes it's cheaper just to have one plan that covers everything for everyone.

But then the GOP would rather see ALL that money pissed away on needless administration costs, high CEO pay, advertising, profits to shareholders, etc than to see that same money be used to provide real care to the American People.

Of course "choice" is also the only way the GOP can sell a disastrous and inefficient health care model as desirable!

Have Dems In ANY State Tried To Enact Instant Runoff Voting?

I get tired of hearing some here bash Greens for election defeats as if the Dems have some RIGHT to someone else's vote. A vote is a citizen's consent to govern and they SHOULD have the right to vote their conscience. Yet we're in a position that many Dems HATE Greens when they should be natural allies.

Lost on them is that it's the defects in our f*cking state and federal electoral systems that creates these dysfunctional dynamics.

On the federal level it's the EC... a mindless, antidemocratic, vote weighting scheme that gives the votes of SOME citizens bigger votes than others depending on choice of state resident. NO FREE PERSON should have to put up with election LOSERS "winning" an election.

On the state level there's winner take all elections where the votes of all other parties are handed to the winner for the EC.

But there's also the lack of IRV in these elections. IRV allows everyone to vote their conscience... and if their candidate doesn't win... they can choose a second choice to whom their vote would go to. Chances are most of Nader's 2000 voters in FL would have gone to Gore. Problem solved... well, one problem.

Dems have now had 16 YEARS to work on bringing IRV to their states. Have ANY actually worked on this? I have no idea. Maybe someone here does.


There are no end of minor rules we could come up with... but if we look at the broad themes...

RULE #1: If he sounds thoughtful and reasonable as he often does in some interviews.... HE'S LYING.

RULE #2: When he claims he's for the little guy, you can be sure he's setting them up to be ripped off.

any others?

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