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SaschaHM's Journal
SaschaHM's Journal
March 11, 2020

If your supporters are upset, it's up to you to talk them off the ledge.

I know that there are always hurt feelings when a candidate loses and frankly, Bernie is still in this so I'm not counting him out yet. However, I already see surrogates demanding for Biden to have an answer for all of Sander's promises. Those weren't happening even if Bernie had won. He's never had the votes. It is time for him and his surrogates to have a reckoning in regards to the things that they've promised these young people.

It's not a crime to dream big, but the amount of people that believe that these things would be actually realized in a Sanders administration is staggering.

February 4, 2020

Caucus debacle aside, the change in discourse on who can win should be why we change the order.

The Candidate w/ 48~50% AA support nationwide finished fourth in a predominately white caucus and everyone is talking about how his campaign is on life support. Make it make sense.

People will fight tooth and nail to defend this because it may boost their candidate, but how can we as a party expect the vote of a crucial voting block if we winnow their choices before they even have input?

A state like Illinois should be the first primary.

January 31, 2020

This was always the conclusion. We're just here a week earlier.

Lamar Alexander is a coward. However, at this point, no witness and no amount of public pressure was going to flip the 20 senators that we needed to remove trump.

Acquittal was always in the card. What was at question was whether the Republican Party would acquit him after a semblance of a fair trial or after a rushed together cover up. They chose the latter and we need to remind voters of that every day until they are out of the Senate.

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