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Member since: Thu Mar 24, 2016, 05:40 PM
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Big NC news! Republican super majority has been broken in the NC House!


One of the biggest highlights of 2016 was Gov. Cooper beating our transphobic former Gov. Unfortunately he was saddled with a legislature that could easily override his vetos. That no longer is the case. It also looks like we're getting a 5-2 Dem majority on our Supreme Court!

Every single government official with a hand in this "Caravan" stunt needs to testify.

This was a calculated attempt to swing certain races (which it did), by using Government resources to hype up and combat a seemingly nonexistent threat. Everybody involved needs to get torn a new one by the Dem house or else it will just happen again in 2020.

Silver Lining (outside of probably taking the House): MI, PA, WI

The 3 states that ultimately spelled doom for HRC have elected/re-elected Democrats statewide. That Blue Firewall is looking strong again.

We took and are projected to take the Senate and Gov seats in those states. That's amazing. That's something we should celebrate.
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