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Member since: Thu Mar 24, 2016, 05:40 PM
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Foreign dictators don't take meetings with house members unless there is something to gain.

Why are we people pretending that Tulsi was on a grand diplomatic mission when she was a powerless house member with no influence on Syrian policy?

The only reason Assad would take a meeting from someone that could offer him nothing is if he felt that they were a sympathetic ear. No dictator is going to risk being lambasted by a house member after rolling out the red carpet.

Here we go again. Democrats wonder why accountability to AA voters exist after begging for our votes

This really isn't a difficult or hard thing. When you cater to and get elected because of a certain crowd, you take on different responsibilities than someone who ran on values counter than that.

Big NC news! Republican super majority has been broken in the NC House!


One of the biggest highlights of 2016 was Gov. Cooper beating our transphobic former Gov. Unfortunately he was saddled with a legislature that could easily override his vetos. That no longer is the case. It also looks like we're getting a 5-2 Dem majority on our Supreme Court!

Every single government official with a hand in this "Caravan" stunt needs to testify.

This was a calculated attempt to swing certain races (which it did), by using Government resources to hype up and combat a seemingly nonexistent threat. Everybody involved needs to get torn a new one by the Dem house or else it will just happen again in 2020.

Silver Lining (outside of probably taking the House): MI, PA, WI

The 3 states that ultimately spelled doom for HRC have elected/re-elected Democrats statewide. That Blue Firewall is looking strong again.

We took and are projected to take the Senate and Gov seats in those states. That's amazing. That's something we should celebrate.

If Senators are making coordinated calls for Franken to resign and his office has scheduled ...

an announcement for tomorrow.

Then the odds are that his decision was made prior to any tweet from any senator. Franken can see the political calculus on the wall as well as anyone else, and he knows that the steady stream of accusers (be they real or fake) is a distraction that no one needs or wants.

Franken isn't being forced out by a surprising onslaught of calls to resign. He's taking a hit and allowing his caucus to take cover beforehand. This was queued up and ready to go.

Can we save the #VAGOV freakouts until atleast half of NoVA is in?

VA Twitler Jr. is going to be winning for a while after the voting stops just like Trump was in 2016 and that crazy guy was in 2013 that's just how vote counting in VA works w/ NoVa reporting in close to last. .

For everyone's sanity, can we please hold back the "THE DNC IS DEAD." "NEOLIBERALS COST US VA" "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" until 50-60% of NoVA counties have reported in (i.e. 1-2 hours after the polls close)?

Emperor Baby Hands knew: Trump and Sessions Denied Knowing About Russian Contacts. Records Suggest



At a March 31, 2016, meeting between Mr. Trump and his foreign policy team, Mr. Papadopoulos introduced himself and said “that he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and President Putin,” according to court records.
Continue reading the main story

“He went into the pitch right away,” said J. D. Gordon, a campaign adviser who attended the meeting. “He said he had a friend in London, the Russian ambassador, who could help set up a meeting with Putin.”

Mr. Trump listened with interest. Mr. Sessions vehemently opposed the idea, Mr. Gordon recalled. “And he said that no one should talk about it because it might leak,” he said.

Of course, he knew. However, this just makes a case of Obstruction of Justice in regards to the Comey firing a lot stronger. Tomorrow might be Sessions last day in office.

AF-AM Group: At what point should an entertainer give him/herself up to financial servitude?

Recently, the mention of Beyonce buying a 90 mil has caused a lot of "concern" among certain DUers who feel it could have been spent on other social causes and a few that are concerned that someone could make that much money.

So my question is, at what point should Beyonce stop taking a percentage of the proceeds of her various products and start doing stuff without receiving compensation (Mhmm, I think there was a word for that.)?

Forbes places her at 340m in income this year, a chunk of which comes from her extremely successful 250mil Formation World Tour. So should she be a 240m slave, only being allowed to keep 100mil of her earned income or a modest 300m slave? How much of their hard earned income are the descendants of slaves allowed to keep in America before being cast back into servitude?

It's a serious question. I support liberal policies, but on the otherhand, the moment I'm paying more than 50% of my income in taxes, I'm going to be rallying for a huge change in direction in the party. I personally refuse to work for less than a majority of my income and frankly, it pisses me off when DU goes on a tizzy about a black performer or our president (President Obama) making exactly what the market will pay them for their services.

Anyone else watching the UK election coverage?

Idk what's going on, but it's very fascinating.
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