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We Shall Overcome

Ok help me out here. Does DU have a problem with Pete Seeger singing The Song?

link:http:// |

How about Joan Baez?

Is it ok for Bruce Springsteen to sing We Shall Overcome?


I don't expect one, but a rational explanation would be nice.

Hillary Is Not Ahead By 3 Million Votes

This was a Shaun King story at The Daily News. (still can't get links to work)
(Shaun Kings story is posted at caucus 99%)

In 12 states where Bernie won, they held caucuses in which individual votes are not tallied in the same way as they are in closed primaries.

For instance, in Washington state, which has nearly 7.1 million people, Bernie won 72.7% of the vote there, but not one single vote is counted toward the numbers where Clinton claims a 3 million vote lead over him.

In Alaska, Bernie won 81% of the vote, but not a single vote is counted toward this tally that the Clinton campaign leans on so heavily. The same is true for Maine. There, Bernie won by 29%, but because all three are caucus states, the vote tallies aren't even included.

It is not possible to tally total votes cast. Bernie could very well be leading in total primary votes cast if it were possible to tally votes in caucus states.

Pelosi Helps GOP In House Races

Bernie, because fuck that shit!

The DCCC suffered another stunning defeat by local Democrats Tuesday. Once again their handpicked recruit-- this time some guy named Cory Simpson in West Virginia-- was rejected by local voters in West Virginia's second congressional district, who voted to nominate former state legislator Mark Hunt and tell Steve Israel and his corrupt Beltway party bosses to stay out of their affairs.

. . .

Next week, the DCCC may see another slap in the face from voters, this time in Oregon, where progressive Bernie-backer, Dave McTeague, is running against the very right-of-center head of the Blue Dogs, Kurt Schrader. Schrader has over $1.5 million in cash on hand and has already spent $442,433 to McTeague's modest $30,629 in expenditures (and mere $991 cash on hand.) Blue America has endorsed McTeague.

. . .

After Oregon, the DCCC faces stiff opposition to some of their most corrupt and conservative candidates in New Jersey, where Alex Law is challenging that state's most right-wing Democrat, Donald Norcross; Iowa, where Republican-masquerading-as-a-Democrat Monica Vernon is the DCCC candidate against Pat Murphy; California, where the DCCC parachuted in some Orange County lawyer, Bryan Caforio, to sabotage the official Democratic Party candidate, progressive Lou Vince; and then in Florida, where progressive hero Tim Canova faces off against venal bribe-taker Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Extra! Extra! Breaking news! Pelosi and DCCC sabatoge progressive Dems! Read all about it at Down With Tyranny:

(Link looks good, but doesn't work. Thursday May 12th Down With Tyranny)

The End of The Democratic Party

Over at Counterpunch Robert Urie explains Charles Koch's endorsement of Hillary and why it spells doom for the Democratic Party:

As Bill Clinton, whose policies Mr. Koch preferred to those of George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have demonstrated— it is socially liberal Democrats who have been the better proponents of Wall Street’s neo-capitalist takeover precisely because they accomplish with stealth economic policies what Republicans attempt more straightforwardly through politics.

. . .

As Charles Koch’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton suggests, Mrs. Clinton’s role is to keep the unwashed masses in their place, not to affect substantive political ‘change.’

. . .

The question back for both Democrats and Republicans is: how responsible is it to put forward an ossified political order as the only choice in the face of its four decades of conspicuous political and economic failures? Hillary Clinton is the candidate of this failure— just ask Charles Koch.

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