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Meteor Man

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Member since: Wed Mar 23, 2016, 02:27 PM
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Democratic Party Shellacking If they nominate Hillary

Democratic Party Shellacking If They Nominate Hillary:


Long story short, Bernies Independent supporters will never vote for Hillary. Big surprise, I know.

This election year is about two radically different, diametrically opposed, theories of politics. For many, this election is about core values. Nothing cosmetic in that.

A substantial percentage of Bernie voters will not violate their core convictions by voting for Hillary.

Stiglitz Nails It

An excerpt from his new book over at Alternet: [link:http://www.alternet.org/books/6-ways-reform-our-corrupt-financial-system|

1. End too big to fail
2. Regulate the Shadow Banking Sector and end offshore banking.
3. Bring transparency to all financial markets.
4. Reduce credit and debit card fees.
5. Enforce rules with greater penalties.
6. Reform Federal Reserve Governance.

Who Would Paul Wellstone Vote For?

Who represents the heart and soul of the Democratic Party? Hillary or Bernie?

Are Rahm Emmanuel and DWS the future of the Democratic Party? Is that that we are fighting for?

Help me understand why you are voting for Hillary. Do you believe endless war in the Middle East will bring world peace? Are corporate contributions the key to progressive change? Will Hillary attract Independent voters who lean Dem? Will Hillary govern as a Third Way Dem or will she side with the Progressive Caucus?

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