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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 12:45 PM
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Why are younger people so anti social?

I am 26 and was raised by my parents who were about 40 when they had me. I seem to be able to hold conversations better and relate to people about 45 on up.

To keep a long story short, me and my fiance have moved about 3 times in the past 2 years. No one really introduced themselves when we moved into different apartment complexes, save for one lady who introduced herself a good 5 months after we moved in.

It seems that social media has made people extremely introverted and has made human to human interaction almost foreign in nature.

About 10 or so years ago I remember watching a dateline NBC special where people where fake kidnapped, punched, etc in public during daylight and hardly anyone came to help, they just kept walking.

Surely I am not the only one who notices this?

I thought that smirked looked familiar!

All of them are equally fucked in the head!

The person behind the GoFundMe for the wall - Brian Kolfage

His name is Brian Kolfage Jr.

He bills himself as the "most injured airman in history".

Personally, I think he is a rather insufferable prick. Lots of people get injured and disabled in war, but he is trying to get rich off of it.

His father as well as Brian himself have been taken to court over harassing people. His father is mentally deranged and makes a habit to dox people (seek out private information and post it publicly).

In the court docs it mentions this as well, his father (most likely him) bought a password cracker and hacked their account and posted private info.

It runs deeper than this, and lots of people have claimed to be threatened by him (his father), and he spends a crap load of money erasing any mention of this off the internet. However he plays a part in it as well.

This guy could do so much better with the money he is raising, including helping out homeless vets or the hungry, but instead uses his injury to push his xenophobic agenda.

He also has no proper conduit for the funds. He thinks he can just write the government a check, it does not work that way.

I will not be surprised if he keeps the money, and his barbie doll of a wife runs off with it.

Are they downplaying how bad the economy is?

Consumer debt, credit card and student loan debt specifically, is rising at an alarming rate.
Student loan debt was $1.3T last year.
This year it is $1.5 Trillion, going up over 180 billion in just a years time.
Mortgage Debt has gone up almost $1T in a years time, to $15.2T Q3 2018.

This facts might sound a tad alarming, but here are some more.

As of May of this year, according to CNN Money, 40% of Adults could NOT come up with $400 without borrowing it or pawning something.

25% of Americans have no retirement whatsoever.
No 401k or Roth IRA.

78% of working adults live paycheck to paycheck.

Not to sound like a doom and gloomer, but I fully believe the media is downplaying just how bad things are.

From my own account, I have noticed the lines at the post office, and the amount of delivery trucks (USPS, UPS,etc) are not any busier than any other time of the year.

The economy is designed to screw over the poor.

If you are late paying rent, you are charged a late fee.
If you are late paying your credit cards, you are charged a fee as well. Some of which can be over $35. Even if you are a day late
If your bank account goes into the red, you get charged a fee.
If your water/gas/electric gets shut off, they usually charge money to reconnect it.

Pawnshops and payday loan companies charge exuberant interest rates.

It is a viscous cycle which can be hard to break for a lot of people.

I find it appalling that neither side seems to want to combat this. They could easily put a stop to it.

It's actually "expensive" to be poor.
It truly is economic discrimination by throwing people down a well and giving them a ladder with the 1st 3 rungs cut off.
The rich and their buddies don't want people getting back on their feet and systematically strip them of any wealth they have.

A weird observation I've noticed about republicans.

They do not give a shit about you.

They always blame the victim as a result.

You don't earn enough money because you didn't go to college.
You were sexually abused and or raped because you were drunk and had on revealing clothing.

God works in mysterious ways. Your 8 year old son died of cancer? "That was part of his plan". Apparently large-scale natural disasters are part of his plan as well. He must be one sadistic asshole. Despite God supposedly giving everyone free will, things happen according to his plan. I guess they fail to see the circular logic in that, huh? If he has a plan, then WTF is the point of praying if little Johnny was going to die anyway?

These people read the bible and pick and chose whatever the 1000+ pages contain to fit their narrative. Despite the bible pretty much telling you to love one another ad infinitum, they still choose to be a dick to everyone else. Immigrants are not welcome in our country, but since our ancestors were immigrants and killed a bunch of red people, we were white and Christian, so that makes it OK. Gays and lesbians, people born deaf, people born with mental disabilities are some sort of abomination according to them. They don't want to admit God can fuck up. If someone is gay, you can pray and hopefully it will go away. I shit you not, one of my cousins dreads being with my family because they are uptight Christians and think they can change her "wrongness through God".

Oh and the big one, they don't want their tax dollars going to other people. Getting back to the whole victim blame thing, you are on food stamps because you are fat and lazy and do not wish to work. They don't want to pay for your healthcare, if you can't afford to get better, then die. We can't have nice things that other countries have like universal healthcare because we have a bunch of these morons who claim to love one another unless it means opening your wallet.

This brings us to another point. The lack of care for others and not wanting more taxes is the reason most of them think with this line of logic: "As long as I have mine, I don't give a shit about you". This is the reason why so many people in this country are obscenely wealthy while we have a large amount of homeless people or people who live a paycheck away from homelessness.

Sorry for rambling on, I have a cold and am heavily medicated. Republicans have turned from a political party into an ideology of hate, ignorance, and selfishness. I'm depressed I even share the same oxygen with these people. They are walking hypocrites.

Democrats need to grow a pair and try to eradicate these people, not by killing, but by changing their viewpoint. It's a deeply rooted issue that is growing like wildfire and must be extinguished. Our country will only continue to get worse if we put people into power who only care is themselves and their rich buddies.

North Carolina admitted in court Early Sunday Voting cancelled -predominately black.

Seems to have gotten buried.

This is a life without unions.

I remember when I was hired on at Target for the holidays around 8 years ago, they actually make everyone watch an anti union video, which highly discourages people forming unions.

Fast forward to today, and my fiance is having trouble holding down a job at a gas station, a very popular chain of them.

Good work does not get rewarded anymore. In fact the last place I worked where it was, was Kmart, and we all know where they are headed.

Every retail position I've held, you can go above and beyond to help a customer, and management WILL NOT notice it.
But make one small mistake, and they will heavily criticize you for it.

I think one of the reasons some of these retail companies are going bankrupt is due to the way they treat people.

However the main issue is reporting problems.

My fiance is a great worker, I live with her of course and no she is not a slouch. All of her co-workers say she is a great worker.

Her manager and assistant manager are terrible people. You don't have to take my fiance's word, you can literally ask anyone else who works there.

The options people have today are terrible since there is no union. Many companies have a "ethics hotline", but if the manager lies to them, they are worthless. Most of them take their word.

Here are just a few things that have gone on there:

1. Manager knowingly keeping a known thief on the payroll because she "felt sorry for her". Person stole cash from registers, burglarized the change boxes for the car wash bill changers, she was only let go because she checked herself into a mental ward.
She would also leave the store for hours on end, WHILE ON THE CLOCK.

Manager REFUSED to look at the cameras, and told her district manager that other people complaining "were lying".

2. The assistant manager left several cases of meat out for 12 hours. Either due to laziness or she forgot, she put them back in the freezer to later serve to customers.

Yes..several people complained to the health department, but the district manager said "oh we got rid of that" (they didn't) and that was the end of that.

This is just a few examples of one place. Similar things happened to me working at other retail stores.

People who work these jobs have no voice...NONE.

These people have high rates of turnover because they get rid of people who complain. Most of the things people complain about are valid complaints.

They want people who will eat a giant shit-filled sandwich every day, smile and say thank you.

Retail has turned into an extremely toxic work environment. I won't even patronize some stores anymore because of how they treat people.

Old newspaper ad from 1955.

Interesting how times have changed.

Do you think we will see another 60's style revoultion?

I think young people are putting their phones and video games and waking up.
Younger people are getting sick of the GOP "establishment" and want social progress to the likes of Denmark.
Do you think we will reach another 1960's "uprising" of people wanting a better life?
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