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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 12:45 PM
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North Carolina admitted in court Early Sunday Voting cancelled -predominately black.

Seems to have gotten buried.

This is a life without unions.

I remember when I was hired on at Target for the holidays around 8 years ago, they actually make everyone watch an anti union video, which highly discourages people forming unions.

Fast forward to today, and my fiance is having trouble holding down a job at a gas station, a very popular chain of them.

Good work does not get rewarded anymore. In fact the last place I worked where it was, was Kmart, and we all know where they are headed.

Every retail position I've held, you can go above and beyond to help a customer, and management WILL NOT notice it.
But make one small mistake, and they will heavily criticize you for it.

I think one of the reasons some of these retail companies are going bankrupt is due to the way they treat people.

However the main issue is reporting problems.

My fiance is a great worker, I live with her of course and no she is not a slouch. All of her co-workers say she is a great worker.

Her manager and assistant manager are terrible people. You don't have to take my fiance's word, you can literally ask anyone else who works there.

The options people have today are terrible since there is no union. Many companies have a "ethics hotline", but if the manager lies to them, they are worthless. Most of them take their word.

Here are just a few things that have gone on there:

1. Manager knowingly keeping a known thief on the payroll because she "felt sorry for her". Person stole cash from registers, burglarized the change boxes for the car wash bill changers, she was only let go because she checked herself into a mental ward.
She would also leave the store for hours on end, WHILE ON THE CLOCK.

Manager REFUSED to look at the cameras, and told her district manager that other people complaining "were lying".

2. The assistant manager left several cases of meat out for 12 hours. Either due to laziness or she forgot, she put them back in the freezer to later serve to customers.

Yes..several people complained to the health department, but the district manager said "oh we got rid of that" (they didn't) and that was the end of that.

This is just a few examples of one place. Similar things happened to me working at other retail stores.

People who work these jobs have no voice...NONE.

These people have high rates of turnover because they get rid of people who complain. Most of the things people complain about are valid complaints.

They want people who will eat a giant shit-filled sandwich every day, smile and say thank you.

Retail has turned into an extremely toxic work environment. I won't even patronize some stores anymore because of how they treat people.

Old newspaper ad from 1955.

Interesting how times have changed.

Do you think we will see another 60's style revoultion?

I think young people are putting their phones and video games and waking up.
Younger people are getting sick of the GOP "establishment" and want social progress to the likes of Denmark.
Do you think we will reach another 1960's "uprising" of people wanting a better life?

It's so mind numbingly painful.

That people can post an appreciative meme of Trump, saying how he is "respected worldwide" and the "best president in history".

These people drive cars, own firearms, and most sickeningly: vote.

I can't seem to comprehend how clueless these people are.

Why don't many politicans consider the price of RENT.

36% of people rent their home, apartment, etc.

Using data for my state, in 1970, median gross rent was $99 a month.
Minimum wage was $1.45/hr in 1970.

This means one needed to work 68.3 hours to afford an apartment.

Today, the median gross rent is $1,075 in my state. Using the state minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, one needs to work 148.3 hours to afford an average apartment.

This means rent has DOUBLED against wages for most people.

Even if you take a "fair" wage of $15 an hour, you would STILL need to work about 4 more hours than someone did FOR MINIMUM WAGE to afford an apartment in 1970.

This really is a BIG problem, and a lot of politicians on both sides seem to not care about housing costs. Minimum wage would not be as big of an issue if rent was cheaper.

Since a lot of places want 3X rent as income, rising rent prices will soon make a lot of people ineligible to rent.

I'm sick of working retail.

I'm 26 and going back to college so I can actually get a real job.
I've worked retail, in various places since I was 16, off and on between that and selling on eBay.

One of the biggest things that pisses me off about retail, is the closed loop way CEO's and upper management runs a company anymore.

You see, back then, I noticed a lot of stores had little comment cards people could fill out and put in a bin. Some stores actually read these, if enough people asked for say..a certain flavor of cheese, soda, etc, the store would obtain some to sell.

Feedback in retail seems to be absolutely dead, I've witnessed countless times how a store quits selling a flavor of something, or a fast food restaurant discontinues a particular sandwich, despite TONS OF PEOPLE getting pissed off they did that.

Just try leaving feedback anymore. It's usually buried somewhere at the bottom of the page, and you will get a nice little "we will pass these comments along". Hate to break it, but no one reads these. They are just a form to feel out to make the customers feel like they did their part.

Anymore, the store THINKS it knows what people want. This never works. This is why countless businesses have gone bankrupt. All thanks to the stubbornness of upper management.

I've actually have held conversations with district managers and regional vice presidents. I will say something along the lines of "a lot of customers wish we had this, or did this". It falls on deaf ears, 100% of the time.

Retail has turned into a very toxic work environment because of how bad the culture is anymore. People are highly replaceable, and as such, get treated with little respect. There is no loyalty unless maybe your a general or district manager. I noticed a lot of places have done away with the pins you get when you have worked there so many years.

Stores are no longer investing in their employees, taking advice from customers, or really doing much in the way of improving. They try to get away with paying people as little as possible and countless large corporations have ended up under lawsuits for violating labor laws.

If you factor in how many people get paid less than $10/hr, and how rent has doubled not keeping up with inflation, and how people live paycheck to paycheck, it really is no more or less than legalized slavery.

Tons of Americans have very little left over after paying their bills. Maybe enough to go out to eat somewhere. Nothing to save, nothing to invest.

More Republican Hypocrisy- ALWAYS!

So it seems like a few R's are frothing at the mouth that a few people used McCain's funeral to launch potshots at Trump.

However..when Mollie Tibbet's eventual killer was identified, many used it as a talking point to build a wall.

I'm sick and tired of the "it's only okay if WE do it" mentality of the GOP.

Trump can't color the flag.

Sorry if this is posted before.

I can't fathom how someone who gets on the NFL players for "disrespecting the flag" can't even properly color it in!

It's even worse when he literally has a lapel pin of the flag on his suit, and possibly other children's flags as reference.

Do you think in the 60's, Trump would of been gone much sooner?

Seems to me like this entire ordeal is taking a very long time.
I want Trump gone, the sooner, the better.
Is there more red tape or something?
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