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beastie boy

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Member since: Fri Mar 18, 2016, 11:21 AM
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Biden Camp: AOC Won't Be Disappointed by 'Incredibly Progressive and Aggressive' Agenda

Source: National Review

The Biden team is promising that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) will not be disappointed by the president-elect’s “incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda” once he takes office.

Asked by NBC host Chuck Todd whether the New York progressive would be “disappointed or not when she sees the agenda of the Biden administration in the first six months,” Biden’s campaign communications director Kate Bedingfield answered in the negative.

“No. I think that Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda,” Bedingfield responded Sunday on NBC. “Take a look, for example, at his climate plan. It’s the boldest, biggest climate plan that’s ever been put forward by a nominee running for president and now a president-elect. He’s going to make good on those commitments. He spent time during this campaign bringing people together around this climate plan.”

“It’s a big, aggressive plan,” she continued. “It’s the perfect example of the kind of big effort that he is going to make to meet this moment and meet these crises we’re in.”

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/biden-camp-aoc-won-t-174215892.html

Chill, AOC! Joe's got it!

Fun fact

Merriam-Webster Reports 30,500% Spike in Searches for ‘Schadenfreude’ After Trump COVID Diagnosis


The Founders of The Environmental Movement Have a Message: Don't Vote For The Green Party

Source: Daily Beast

A group of some of the most revered and longest-active environmentalists issued a dire warning to the next generation of activists on Monday: Don’t vote for the Green Party this year. And don’t sit out the election either.


What’s different in 2020 is the fresh proof of Obama’s argument. The margins by which Trump won the three critical Midwest states—Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania—were all smaller than the total vote counts for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. And for those who have been in the trenches of environmental battles over the past five decades, the risk of it happening again are petrifying.

“If you don’t get somebody in office that you can work with, then protests and demonstrations don’t make a difference,” said Earth Day founder Denis Hayes, a letter signatory. “I’d much rather have somebody I can work with than a symbolic vote.”

“There is a strong motivation among disillusioned radical young people to vote third party now or sit out the election,” added Peter Harnik, the coordinator of Environmental Action, a pioneer activist environmental organization. “We felt like we've been there and done this in the past. This is not the election to make a purity statement.”

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-founders-of-the-environmental-movement-have-a-message-dont-vote-for-the-green-party?ref=home

This is one particular and especially grievous and urgent instance, but recent history teaches us that making purity statements in general ends up doing more harm than good.

No matter how you vote...

take a picture (preferably time-stamped) of your signed ballot before it leaves your hands. Spread the word. There is no better protection against ballot tampering than this going viral.

Who would have thunk...

...that the most compelling Trump giving a keynote speech at the Trump convention would turn out to be a has-been stripper trophy wife with a heavy foreign accent and the diction, facial expressions and all the charm of a beta-tested robot prototype?

Then again, we all knew it wouldn't be Eric.

Kamala was an obvious choice. She checked all the right boxes. Still, I can't get over a feeling of

mild disappointment. I am disappointed in a good way: I always thought of Kamala as someone who doesn't play second fiddle to anyone. Which is probably the only box she didn't check as a VP pick.

I always thought of her being more suited to be a Supreme Court Justice. Well, maybe it is still in her future!

Biden increases Texas staff and resources in bid to win Lone Star State

Source: CBS News

On Monday the Biden campaign announced a slate of staff hires aimed at flipping the historically conservative Lone Star State, last won by a Democratic presidential candidate in 1976 by Jimmy Carter.

The Biden campaign insists its push for the state's 38 Electoral College votes is real.

"We are quite serious about putting [Texas] in play," Jenn Ridder, the campaign's national states director, told CBS News. "Increasingly we are seeing polls that show that there is real opportunity there for us."
Related video: Biden holds slight edge over Trump in key states ahead of early voting

The CBS News Battleground Tracker in mid-July showed Biden just one point behind President Trump.

Six Texas Democratic operatives have already been hired, led by state director Rebecca Acuña, who was raised in Laredo and has worked in various roles in state and congressional politics.

President Trump's handling of the pandemic has brought about the focus on the state, according to a Biden campaign official, and that message was broadcast briefly last month via a six-figure ad buy on Texas television.

"Joe Biden is also going to win Texas in the general election for three reasons," Texas Congressman Filemon Vela, an early Biden endorser, told CBS News, "First, Donald Trump and Governor Abbott have made tactical decisions in their COVID response that is now killing Texans en masse. Second, Biden will defeat Trump in the Texas suburbs. Finally, from a historical perspective, Biden will outperform past Democratic candidates in the rural counties."

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/biden-increases-texas-staff-resources-111944866.html

I am skeptical, but maybe Joe knows something I don't.

Mueller: Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so


With all the discussions about what can be done about Stone's commutation, I was wondering if he can be called by the House to testify again, either on the same matters that lead to his conviction or other investigations the House committees may have undertaken. The pressure on Stone to spill the beans this time would be double what it was, since lying would make him a repeat offender with a criminal record, and the potential punishment for it would be exponential. Selling Trump out may be a more acceptable option for Stone the next time around.

Is there a way to reopen any prior investigations? Would this require new information pertinent to the investigation?

New Jersey incumbents steamroll progressive challengers in primaries

Source: The Hill

Sen. Cory Booker (D), who dropped out of the presidential race last year, easily dispatched progressive activist Lawrence Hamm, holding a nearly 80-point lead with over 32 percent of precincts reporting.

Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D), the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee who had earned the ire of progressives over his refusal to embrace the Green New Deal, defeated Russ Cirincione, a government attorney, and Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, an author who runs MuslimGirl.com.

Meanwhile, Rep. Albio Sires (D), who raised eyebrows by going negative against his progressive challenger Hector Oseguera, won with 76 percent of the vote, while Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) easily prevailed in the 12th District.

A couple of races remained uncalled as of midnight on Wednesday, though in both cases the incumbents had built substantial leads, with Rep. Bill Pascrell (D) leading by about 70 points and Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D) leading by nearly 40 points.

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/506325-incumbents-steamroll-progressive-challengers-in-new-jersey-house-primaries

An interesting post-Primary article in the Jacobin

Titled The Liberal Center Must Be Beaten, it is the most telling and unobscured by the restraints of electoral politics insight into some key positions of the left wing represented by Jacobin I have seen so far:

While desperately and unconvincingly trying to conflate the terms "liberalism" and "neoliberalism" by using them interchangeably (these terms, of course, are not at all interchangeable, which betrays the author's desperation to obfuscate their respective meanings), the author makes a clear breaks between "the Left", represented by the campaigns of Corbyn in Britain and Sanders in the US, and "Liberal", or "Center-left". The author also talks about combining what he calls "parliamentary" and "extra-parliamentary" organizing of politics, which to me was the most dangerous part of Bernie's campaign. To me, if there is no distinction, or a commitment to maintain distinction between the two, it smacks too much of Weimar Germany in the 1930s. It would make it even easier for a populist leader to slide into authoritarianism than it has been for Trump to do so under our current system. Finally, the author talks about supplanting the current "establishment" of the Democratic Party with that of the left wing. This process, which started in 2016 with Bernie demanding, and getting, unprecedented input into determining the platform of the Democratic Party, is equally dangerous. It would have made one of two major US political parties an instrument in advancing the "non-parliamentary" means of getting and retaining political power.

The Liberal Center Must Be Beaten
Luke Savage
The bitter defeats of Corbyn and Sanders have changed nothing about the task before us: supplanting the neoliberal center and offering ordinary people a real alternative to the neo-nationalist right.


While both [Corbyn and Sanders] were certainly feared and hated by traditional conservatives, the force that ultimately hindered their efforts came not from the Right but rather from what is still, albeit with increasing absurdity, known as the center-left: that is, from people who might broadly be called liberals in the post-1970s sense of the word. Though arguably weaker and more ideologically exhausted than at any point since its zenith in the 1990s, this strand of market centrism still dominates the nominal “left” in many national party systems and, perhaps more importantly, its adherents mostly retain control of the levers of power in individual party apparatuses even when their ideas are discredited or their dreadful campaigning bungles winnable elections (as in 2016).
This peculiar combination of weakness and strength is the paradox at the heart of modern liberalism and the vulnerability both Corbyn and Sanders were nearly able to exploit. Had either succeeded in transforming their respective parties and winning power on the popular programs they championed, the undead center-left that has carried on in zombified form since the financial crisis of 2008 might finally have been buried for good. Alas, the task remains incomplete and the enervated neoliberal project continues to hold the reins of what is nominally the reform-minded electoral alternative to conservatism in the United States and the United Kingdom.
The Left should not be content with this state of affairs.
Insofar as it still has a coherent objective that can be articulated, liberalism seeks not so much to humanize capitalism as it is to give capitalism a human face — that is: to provide a facade of inclusion and shared prosperity while fundamentally protecting the role of markets and the positions of their greatest beneficiaries. It is now, more so than at any point in its long history, a set of hollowed-out dogmas and unthinking reflexes without a real program or political imagination; so interwoven with wealth and celebrity it now sees them as ends in themselves.
That millions of ordinary people beset by declining living standards, weakened welfare states, increasing corporate incursion into daily life, and a planet growing less inhabitable by the day are routinely compelled to cast votes for people who do not represent them — be they neoliberals or formations on the nationalist right — is a predicament no socialist or small-d democrat should be willing to accept. Ultimately thwarted by the liberal center, neither Sanders nor Corbyn succeeded. But their efforts revealed the widespread appetite for a genuine alternative to neoliberalism and underscored the utility of leftist involvement in mainstream politics.

This is scary as hell. I am so glad Biden won the Primary.
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