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Member since: Tue Mar 15, 2016, 11:25 PM
Number of posts: 331

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Steve king is loosing

Yeah take it home JD.

This goes to show you don't believe polls when your candidate is up

The Florida, thing has me really mad and Nelson losing is worst we lost another senate seat.

No results on Neveda Senate race?

I'm really interesting since so far the since is not going our way in the Senate.

So both parties beat their polling

can't say mix results so far.

52 seats for Republicans so far in the Senate

not good so far, in the Senate but at least the House we get so thats something

North Dakota has run away from us

Cramer over 70% I'm surprised they haven't called it. Sigh..., this is a bad night for the Senate.

Good news for Texas senate race so far

Beto maintain 4 points ahead of Ted Cruz thats real good news

Last poll for TX Senate Race

By Trafalgar Pollster which leans heavily republican has the race Cruz 52, Beto 43. Interesting enough they have Trump approval at 35 and strong disapproval at 36. So Iím guessing this is a good sign. Hopefully Beto can get unlikely voters to show up.


More in detail


By change research, this shows O'rouke gaining steam on Cruz. O'rouke I believe is going to win this thing.


I'm making my prediction on TX Senate Race

Iím going to give it to Beto OíRouke. I see so much energy on his side. The rallies has been Presidential levels. I also see him getting so many cross over votes that might vote Republican on the rest of the ticket. Never in my life time have I seen a candidate work this hard for a Senate seat. Also I think he is the strongest challenger to an incumbent weíve seen in this election cycle. A year ago I would have given it to Ted Cruz to win or even a week ago because how red Texas is. The latest poll I have seen him Beto is within 3 points.I think Tuesday we are going to see a historical upset in this race.
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