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Member since: Wed Mar 16, 2016, 12:25 AM
Number of posts: 288

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So interesting in Kansas 3rd district

A somewhat competitive race between Sharice Davids and Brent Welder. Currently Welder is ahead by 6 points with only 21% reporting. Welder I think will win this but I didn't expect it to be this close.


Crowley is down by 10 or more points


This looks like it will be an upset I can't see him winning this one.

Corey Stewart wins Republican senate primary in Virigina

WTH GOP, a Nazi Sympathizer, a white supremacist, he said that people who take down the Confederate Flag should be executed. Wow has this party fallen far.


Is Allison Hartson going to be in the top two in California Senate Race primary?

This senate race is getting interesting Diane Feinstein might have a run for her money with this senate race. The latest polling has Hartson closing in a little bit https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2018/senate/ca/california_senate_open_primary-6543.html

Hartson is part of the young turks, our revolution, justice democrats

Congressman O'rourke's chances against Ted Cruz

So I know Texas is not in the toss up column but wanted to get a feel for those who live in the state how O'rourke's chances are to beat Ted Cruz. To tell you the truth, I would be shocked if Ted Cruz loses. I think O'rourke has a name recognition problem.

However, what gives me hope Ted Cruz is really not liked in his own state and Donald Trump's approval numbers are bad. So hopefully, some Republicans flip into voting for the Democrat in November. Plus Beto is relying more on grassroots support, which I think can easily win the day with people being fed up with the White House and Washington.

Nate Silver predicts Lesko will win by 8 points tonight

Hopefully the data will prove him wrong and have a strong showing of democrats with independents.

Though not holding much hope since that district is pretty red and the early voting was not good for us.


If Dems dont get the House or Senate

In 2018, Trump and his cronies in the Republican Party will become embolden and say that the country agrees in the direction we are going. I can imagine Trump will be more antagonistic towards Dems further on his favorite platform twitter. This will pave the way for his re-election campaign in 2020 winning easily if the midterms go in the wrong direction.

This is a worst case scenerio but I have faith that we are going to win in 18 and stop Trumpís awful agenda for good.

Democrats advantage in the generic poll goes down

Democrats generic poll advantage goes down by 0.6 points. Average before state of the Union was 7.9 via real politics average we are now 7.3. Maybe this because Trumpís approval rating is going slightly up. However, I will take the generic congressional poll with a grain of salt since this election cycle favors democrats and hopefully be enough to take the house and senate.

Have anyone reaped the benefits of manufacturing jobs here?

Trump is braging that Toyota is bring back about 4k jobs. My question is that anyone that works in manufacturing here or knows someone that do. Does a good economy out democrats in a bad spot for midterms?
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