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JSup's Journal
JSup's Journal
September 8, 2016

Do these comments could as threats? Incitement to assassination?

I was googling for the name of a Syfy show I saw an ad for and came across an anti-Hillary video that had these comments:

Person 1:
"where in the hell is a Lee Harvey Oswald when you need one?!?!"
"for her reign of terror to finally be over somebody needs to take one for the team and take this bitch out!"

Person 2:
"you are right david. she is the devil and I hope someone sees she is never around to be elected"

I don't know if comments like this are of interest to the SS or not and I don't really want to make a fuss with them over something they don't think is actually a threat. But I do know that comments like these are friggin' scary. Seriously, who condones murdering somebody?

Screenshot with comments circled and also has the youtube address.

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