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Green Line

Green Line's Journal
Green Line's Journal
March 11, 2020

Just saw on FB that Joe has been assigned SS detail

Apparently it’s all over Twitter

March 5, 2020

Another reason to vote for Joe

It's the only way we can have WH dogs. Joe has 2 german shepherd rescues, Champ and Major. Bernie and Trump don't have dogs.

February 23, 2020

Why is the MSM giving the nomination to Sanders when only 3 states have voted?

They're acting like he's the nominee

February 13, 2020

Trump kids vs Bloomberg kids

Michael Bloomberg has 2 daughters, Emma and Georgina:

Georgina's life seems to be centered around animals, whether in her equestrian career, philanthropic pursuits, or home life. She told Gotham magazine that she has several rescued animals—five dogs, a pig, a goat, two mules, and two miniature horses, to be exact—in addition to the horses she rides to compete.

She's been involved with the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and Animal Aid USA. As she told Town & Country in 2016, "Dan Abrams [Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News] said something that had a profound effect on me... I asked him if he was an animal lover and he said, 'Well, I can't really say that I'm an animal lover because I don't do anything positive for them.' I've always loved animals and it made me realize that I have to transfer that passion to doing something to help them."

Emma is resolutely private and has pursued a career in the non-profit world. She spent six and a half years at the noted Robin Hood Foundation, a leading poverty-fighting organization in New York City, before founding Murmuration. Not unlike her father's company, which offers data and analytics-driven insights to the financial sector, Murmuration hopes to improve kids' educational outcomes with data and predictive machine learning models. In Town & Country's June/July 2017 cover story, Michael Bloomberg explained that his daughter's organization was "trying to help people get the political establishment to focus on school systems."

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