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Puerto Rico's Democratic primary looks to be as big of a clusterfuck as any other.

Anyone seen anything about this in the media?

Why It Matters That Hillary Supported Welfare Reform

Hot on the campaign trail in South Carolina last week, Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton for her role in pushing to overhaul the welfare system in 1996. “I spoke out against so-called welfare reform because I thought it was scapegoating people who were helpless, people who were very, very vulnerable. Secretary Clinton at that time had a very different position on welfare reform—strongly supported it and worked hard to round up votes for its passage.” A day later, former President Bill Clinton swiped back. “There’s no question that (welfare reform) did far more good than harm,” he said, but added that “subsequent events showed it needs some improvement.”

The Clintons have championed welfare reform for over 20 years—even as study after study has shown that it has severely harmed poor families, and driven a historic number of black and Latino children into deep poverty. In the early 1990s, they designed a strategy to lure white voters back to the Democratic Party: capitalize on white disgust toward “dependent” black and Latina mothers on welfare within a liberal veneer that promised them a “hand-up, rather than a handout.” As first lady, she not only cheered her husband’s goal to “end welfare as we know it,” but she also helped whip up support for the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA), the legislation that remade the welfare system: “I agreed that he should sign it and worked hard to round up votes for its passage,” she recounted in her 2003 memoir Living History. Later, as senator, she continued to applaud it, referring in one 2002 interview to people who had left welfare as “no longer deadbeats—they’re actually out there being productive.” Even as recently as her 2008 run for president, she defended the welfare-to-work legislation as “enormously successful,” while lamenting that “people who are more vulnerable” would suffer more during the recession.

“They don’t acknowledge the number of people who were hurt. It’s just not in their lens,” Peter Edelman, a friend of Hillary’s since law school and former assistant secretary of social services at the Department of Health and Human Services, said of the Clintons in 2008.

But in her current campaign for president, Clinton, who is running as a “pragmatic progressive,” has publicly avoided the issue. At a time when many Americans are outraged over economic and racial injustice, she is quiet on the subject of welfare reform, because it tells a story of how she betrayed poor people of color and undermines her image as a feminist candidate who has been a lifelong champion for women and children.

(More at link)


Is she still silent on this?

I suppose it's supposed to be good enough that she's no longer defending it?

It's cute how Hillary's fans are acting like social media is silly and meaningless.

How much did her campaign spend to get people to post in support of her?

Face it, young people aren't buying into this two party, good cop / bad cop bullshit. They dominate social media and their dissatisfaction with the Democratic party's Republican-liteness is obvious.

Don't blame liberals if your candidate loses. As Skinner said, the amount of progressives who won't vote for her is tiny.

It's all the middle of the road, not so politically inclined, 'politics is bullshit so why bother' types who will be her undoing, should she fall to win them over in the coming months.

Fortunately she will probably be running against Trump. His vulgar awfulness will motivate some people to vote against him. Many, however, know that the real power is with Congress, which thanks to the two party's collusion to maintain a stranglehold on power is gerrymandered beyond hope.

We like to point the finger at Republicans and say how corrupt and all about power and money they are. This election will show how few people on the left are still under the impression that none of that applies to Dems.
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