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Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Never Giving Up The Fight

We knew it wasn't gonna be easy...

Take the 'get in line' and 'madam president' crap and ... insert it.

Bernie Sanders vs. Homophobic congressman in 1995

I'm sure most people here have seen this but I hadn't and I didn't find it posted so I'm posting it now because this man is a leader and I admire him so much for it.

He doesn't wait till it's politically convenient to lead in the direction we should be going.

Clinton Benefits From US Media’s Misleading Reporting Of Delegate Counts


The vast majority of U.S. establishment media organizations report Democratic Party “super delegates,” as if they are part of the delegate totals presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are winning in primaries. However, this is incredibly misleading, and whether intended or not, it essentially serves to strengthen Clinton’s campaign against Sanders.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press report Clinton has 1,121 delegates after primaries and caucuses in Kansas, Nebraska, and Louisiana. The outlets report Sanders has 481 delegates. These numbers are untruthful.

True and accurate numbers are the following: after “Super Saturday,” Clinton has 663 pledged delegates. Sanders has 459 pledged delegates. Clinton needs 1,720 delegates to win. Sanders needs 1,924 delegates to win.

Sanders is a few hundred delegates behind Clinton, and Clinton has over a thousand delegates to go before she clinches the nomination. Put like that, one’s view of the race is probably dramatically different than the views being pushed by establishment media outlets.

continued at link

As of now Bernie is 204 delegates behind Hillary.

Columnist: Why Detroiters should vote for Bernie Sanders


By Michael Betzold
For Motor City Muckraker

Severe income inequality in Detroit is easy to see. Just look at the blocks along Kercheval on either side of Alter Road. The landscape shaped by wealthy industrialists and their cohorts in government is painfully familiar. The freeway that destroyed the African American neighborhood of Hastings Street is named after Walter Chrysler. The ditch named for Edsel Ford decimated many old ethnic neighborhoods.

Friends of the rich in local, state, and federal government facilitated the auto industry’s abandonment. They still use precious resources to build casinos and sports arenas but can’t find the money to care for parks or even to tear down thousands of homes ruined by the flight of dollars and jobs out of the city.

Bernie Sanders wants to end the growing inequality in our country and the corrupt influence of money in politics. He seeks to end the mass incarceration of our citizens, restore a living wage and decent jobs, and reform our militaristic police and broken criminal justice system.

Nowhere is his agenda more urgent than Detroit.

While this spring Hillary Clinton tries to echo Sanders, if nominated she’ll just shift her positions back to the center of the political spectrum. Her history shows that her commitments blow with the political winds. Whereas Sanders has been a leader in the civil rights, anti-war, and economic justice movements for half a century, Hillary Clinton in the 1990s lauded her husband’s notorious crime bill—the one that made mass incarceration of low-income minorities possible—by parroting the right-wing rhetoric of the day, talking about the supposed “super-predators” in the cities and saying: “We have to bring them to heel.” She backed her husband’s cruel “welfare reform” bill that threw millions of people deeper into extreme poverty.

continued at link

Bernie reacts to Hillary's comment about fracking in last night's debate:

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