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Member since: Tue Mar 1, 2016, 03:10 PM
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Maybe a Clinton/Sanders Ticket Does Make Sense ...

I posted something along this same line yesterday. I'm pleased to see someone I consider to be one of the more politically astute bloggers thinking similarly ....

Iíve been anticipating the day when Clinton and Trump would emerge as the nominees since last fall, but when the day finally came it still surprised me to experience how it felt. I donít think I can compare it to anything since the day in college when I sat in my dorm room watching CNN as the Soviet Union collapsed before my eyes.

I had to actually feel what it was like as an actuality before I could begin to wrap my head around it. This has been a dizzying day.

For the first time, the idea of a Clinton-Sanders ticket made some sense to me.

It really didnít before, becauseÖwellÖbecause of a lot of reasons.

But the spectacle of the Republican Party being divided this way has made me reconsider whether it might not be best for the nation if the Democrats can meet this national emergency with the unity and resolve it deserves.

If heíd agree to serve as vice-president, it would immediately unite the Democratic Party and put its activist base into organizing mode. It would inoculate Clinton somewhat against the attacks Trump will bring on free trade and the Iraq War vote.

I can see how Sanders would bring some unnecessary difficulties in the campaign, but I donít see how a Democratic Party that is strongly united could fail to rampage on the Republicans up and down the ballot.

There are still arguments against this move, including that it will give a lot of Republicans a little more justification for sticking with Trump. It will freak the business community out at the exact moment that theyíre realizing that they need to come to Clinton with hat in hand or get shellacked early in her administration.

I can probably find more reasons itís not a great idea, perhaps related on a granular level to how it would impact a few select suburban House races. And, personally, Iíd rather see Sanders back in the Senate.

But, after really feeling the demise of the Conservative Movement, Iím kind of convinced that the biggest possible hammer blow is Democratic unity on the biggest possible scale.

If Hillary goes with a Clinton-Sanders ticket, I think it will knock the fucking House down.


Iíve almost convinced myself.


Does the threat posed by Trump's nomination increase the chances of a Unity Ticket? ...

... just imagine for a moment, Hillary grants major concessions to Bernie in exchange for his coming aboard her ticket.

The energy would be explosive, especially when President Obama hit the campaign trail in support.

Alas, egos will almost surely prevent such a sunny scenario ...

... but, don't blame a guy for dreaming.

Bernie is being deliberately dishonest with his supporters ...

By claiming the convention will be contested, he is milking his supporters for donations and damaging the party.

This is a transparent attempt to take advantage of his supporter's ignorance of how the nomination process works.

Super delegates are included in the total delegates needed by design.

It is grossly dishonest to suggest that the candidate who wins the majority of pledged delegates and has the endorsement of the majority of super delegates is not the nominee.

His fundraising has fallen off a cliff, and this is a brazen attempt to light a fire amongst his uninformed supporters.

He should be stripped of his committee seats and kicked out of the caucus.

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