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Profile Information

Name: Corbett Kroehler
Gender: Male
Hometown: Orlando
Home country: United States
Member since: Mon Feb 29, 2016, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 1,898

Journal Archives

$12 ≠ $15

I just received an email from Bob Poe For Congress (FL10). As a Sandinista, I was disappointed to see the candidate announce his support for Secretary Clinton. From there, the message went downhill quickly, though, when the blatantly false statement appeared that Hillary supports raising the minimum wage to $15. She supports $12. I remember her criticism of Bernie for being too bold in suggesting $15. See for yourself:

Posted by corbettkroehler | Wed Mar 9, 2016, 03:28 PM (3 replies)

Democratic Senators Take Issue With Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote

These are very interesting details. Former Senator Dorgan is a straight shooter. Most intriguing, however, is the statement by former Senator Bayh!

Democratic Senators Take Issue With Hillary Clinton’s Portrayal Of Bailout Vote


David Sirota


A similar sentiment was expressed by Indiana’s former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh — who also voted with Sanders to block the TARP money. He told IBT that while he did not recall the specific 2009 vote that Clinton is citing, his state is home to a large contingent of autoworkers and that he therefore does not believe he cast a vote that was designed to deny help to the auto industry.

“My state, Indiana, is a big auto state, and I was always very strongly in favor of helping the auto companies, and I’m glad we did,” said Bayh, who has endorsed Clinton’s presidential bid. “So I would find it to be very unlikely that I cast something that at the time was perceived as an anti-auto vote.”

He also pointed out his ties to the workers and industry that supported the bailout.

“The United Autoworkers were always some of my strongest supporters; I had good relations with the auto companies themselves,” he told IBT. “So it couldn’t have been primarily an up or down vote on the autos.”

[hr]On a related note, did you see the list of Mrs. Clinton's speaking fees since she left State?

Posted by corbettkroehler | Tue Mar 8, 2016, 04:26 PM (2 replies)

Sanders On Trade: "America's Radical Transformation From a GM Economy to a Wal-Mart Economy"

Brilliant! The Detroit Free Press endorsed Mrs. Clinton at the end of February. Sanders just responded with a guest column. The title speaks for itself.

Let's also remember the EXCELLENT point Sanders made on the stump recently: "Not many people know it, but Detroit was the richest city in America per capita in 1960. What changed? Bad trade deals killed Michigan jobs."

America's Radical Transformation From a GM Economy to a Wal-Mart Economy

Bernie Sanders



America’s radical transformation from a GM economy to a Wal-Mart economy has decimated the middle class, turning Detroit into one of the poorest big cities in America and hollowing out communities across the country.

Unfettered free trade turned this once-prosperous middle-class city, where residents could own a home, raise a family and retire with security, into a place where good jobs are scarce and extreme poverty is high. Today, a quarter of Flint residents have an annual income of less than $15,000 and 65% of the city’s children live in poverty.

The decimation of Detroit, Flint and communities all over this country did not happen by accident. It is a direct result of disastrous trade deals that have allowed corporations to ship our jobs to low-wage countries.

Since I have been in Congress, I’ve helped lead the opposition to these trade agreements. Not only did I vote against them, I stood with workers on picket lines in opposition to them. Meanwhile, Secretary Clinton sided with corporate America and supported almost all of them.
Posted by corbettkroehler | Sun Mar 6, 2016, 05:11 PM (1 replies)

6 Million By 8PM ET (well within our grasp)

As we began the weekend, the Sanders campaign announced a push for 5 million individual contributions in advance of the senator's appearance on CNN tonight. Even before his pair of decisive Saturday successes in the heartland, he was within striking distance of the goal.

Although there hasn't been an official announcement yet, I suspect that the push for 6 million by the CNN debate at 8PM ET is within reach. I have donated twice this weekend and may reach for my wallet again around 7PM ET depending on the latest statistics of Berniementum.

If we pull off this new milestone, what's stopping us from achieving 7 million individual contributions by Sanders' appearance on Faux News Monday at 6PM ET?


Need a nudge?

For 50 Years, Kansas Has Chosen the Democratic Nominee with 100% Accuracy [cross post]



Posted by corbettkroehler | Sun Mar 6, 2016, 07:33 AM (3 replies)

We Can Reinstate The Ban On Lobbyist Contributions To The DNC

When Progressive Democrats of America (I was an earlier supporter) endorsed this novel initiative, I couldn't reach for my credit card fast enough.

From PDAmerica.org

Last month the DNC establishment rolled back Barack Obama's ban on donations from lobbyists and PACs. But that's not stopping Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from emailing Democrats across the country asking for small dollar donations.

Let's show her that she can't take big lobbyist and PAC money and count on our support. Take the pledge HERE to donate $27 to the DNC if and only if they bring back the ban on big money from lobbyists and PACs.

Then, tell the DNC that you won't be taken for granted: reply to their emails, mentioning them on Twitter, and posting to Facebook with the message that they'll only get your money if they bring back the ban.


When you share on Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag: #BringbackthebanDNC
Posted by corbettkroehler | Sat Mar 5, 2016, 05:45 PM (2 replies)
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