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Her Sister

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Member since: Sun Feb 28, 2016, 03:34 PM
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Rachel Maddow And The Hard Truths For Bernie: Tad Devine Is Full Of Crap Edition.

Maddow, A Constant Sanders Supporter Takes On The Hypocrisy In Sanders'/Devine's New Strategy.


After a long election cycle of championing Bernie’s cause….. Rachel took to her show to combat the two newest strategies the Sanders campaign has turned to in order to try and remain relevant in the overall competitive discussion.

It is definitely worth a watch…


Rachel takes particular exception to two new talking points:

1. That the Sanders campaign will try to have the Superdelegates overturn the will of the voters when he does not achieve the majority of pledged delegates.


2. That Hillary is only ahead because she ran up huge margins in states Bernie didn't bother to contest. Rachel seems particularly annoyed with that narrative and provides concrete evidence it’s a load of malarkey.

Tad Devine is taking the Sanders campaign down a dangerous path that could ultimately damage whatever credit Bernie has built up in this election cycle. Both of these strategies stink of politics. That’s not supposed to be Bernie’s “brand”.

Seriously, watch it! It’s really fascinating.

Why Republicans Want Bernie Sanders to Win


To cut it short and get straight to the point, it’s because they think they have a much greater chance at defeating him in the general election. Let’s be honest here; any “dirt” on Hillary Clinton has already been “exposed,” and the general public, for the most part, has made peace with that. Bernie Sanders is a completely different story. What secrets about Bernie are we yet to find out?

Republican strategists are sitting on a treasure trove of Bernie Sanders’ quotes and goodies from the ‘70s and ‘80s. You’re naïve if you think that there won’t be 24/7 Bernie Sanders’ trashing on Fox News, accompanied by scary socialist/communist documentaries. These programs have practically written themselves. We’re talking about a man who praised Fidel Castro and went short of saying that he was an exemplary leader and that the U.S. would be a lot better off if we were more like Cuba. Do you think it really matters to the general American public if this was taken out of context or if he was only referring to their social programs? Of course not, and Fox News isn’t going to present the full story.

Fox News is just waiting to inform the public of Sanders’ personal life, multiple marriages, and his child born out of wedlock. They can’t wait to spread all around town an old quote from the ‘70s where Sanders said that women fantasize about being raped by multiple men. Again, does it really matter that it was just a silly attention-getter from an essay? It does to me; it does to you as a Bernie Sanders’ supporter, but does it matter to the swing voters when all they see is an out of context quote?

You’re probably pointing to the polls that show Sanders faring better than Clinton against Trump, but you’re forgetting that Clinton’s favorability rating won’t likely suffer any more. Sanders’ rating most certainly will.

I implore you to ask yourself, why are the Republicans spending millions of dollars in anti-Hillary Clinton ads and in pro-Bernie Sanders ads? Is it because they are feeling the bern? Or is it because they’re waiting to unleash the worst of Bernie Sanders on the general public—quotes far worse than the ones I mentioned above?

538 Fiverthirtyeight Podcasts

~538 podcasts


The last one they discuss the idea of momentum:

Elections Podcast: Momentum And Misogyny

Our elections podcast crew discusses whether “momentum” is real and whether Bernie Sanders has it coming off of his wins in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington. Plus, how much will Donald Trump’s record of sexism on and off the campaign trail hurt him with voters if he reaches the general election in November?

Just wanted to recommend! They explain their views about data and their meaning in these podcasts. Interesting.

You can also subscribe via iTunes.
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