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Her Sister

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Member since: Sun Feb 28, 2016, 03:34 PM
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The Complete Guide to the Benghazi Select Committee plus more on HRC and her many varied record

The Complete Guide to the Benghazi Select Committee
This is a PDF with about 110 pages and sources. Pretty complete til before the 11 hours.


Also you can download from this website: http://correctrecord.org/ and here: http://benghazicommittee.com/Guide/

more here: http://benghazicommittee.com/

HRC Many Issues and Goals she has advanced in the past, at present and for the future (she is in no way a one issue candidate!):




here more about his rel'p with Congress and other Senators


"Mr. Sanders’s disdain for the things he views as unimportant is matched by his single-minded focus on the things he says are of real consequence, like the future of Social Security.

At the Democratic caucus lunches, at which he is a fixture, “all he ever talks about is Social Security,” one congressional aide said. “He doesn’t even try to relate it to the topic at hand."

The origins of Sanders' ideology, in his own words

This article is long but fleshes out some of BS life:


By 1976, Sanders had run twice each for governor and the Senate, as a candidate of the Liberty Union Party. The more colorful elements of the third party's platform included a call for the Rockefeller family fortune to be seized to fund government programs; legalizing all drugs, including heroin; and widening the ramps of interstate highways to make it easier for drivers to pick up hitchhikers.

He lost all four elections, attracting no more than single-digit support in each race.

During these early years in Vermont, Sanders supported his constant quest for public office working odd jobs as a carpenter, a documentarian, a door-to-door film strip salesman and, while running his first campaign, subsisting on unemployment benefits.

A little-discussed chapter in Bernie Sanders' life
They are times Sanders talks little about, even though his hardscrabble years could endear him to struggling Americans who are gravitating toward his message of a rigged economy and income inequality.

With the exception of his efforts during the Civil-Rights era -- organizing a 15-day sit-in as an undergrad at the University of Chicago to protest segregated housing and participating in the 1963 March on Washington -- Sanders seldom discusses his personal biography before running for the House of Representatives in the late 1980s.

Vetting Herr Trump!! should be easy! (HRC GP)

The complete guide to how Trump can make himself the first American dictator

"If Trump is elected president, will constitutional law and American political institutions protect us from a would-be dictator? Europeans worry about the emergence of Caesarism in the United States, just as the founders did when they invented the presidency. Authoritarianism is making gains around the world; why not here? Of course, Trump may not want to be a dictator. He has repeatedly stated his desire to make “deals,” implying a willingness to cooperate with Congress. But there is no reason to believe anything he says; many of his actions and statements are those of someone with a dictatorial mentality if nothing else, and his popular support derives from his authoritarian image: he appeals to people who yearn for a strongman to protect them. So the question is worth asking. What is the answer?..... more...."

21 Questions For Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston

"I have covered Donald Trump off and on for 27 years — including breaking the story that in 1990, when he claimed to be worth $3 billion but could not pay interest on loans coming due, his bankers put his net worth at minus $295 million. And so I have closely watched what Trump does and what government documents reveal about his conduct.
Reporters, competing Republican candidates, and voters would learn a lot about Trump if they asked for complete answers to these 21 questions. more...

10. A federal judge later found you conspired to cheat both the Polish workers, who were paid less than $5 an hour cash with no benefits, and the union health and welfare fund. You testified that you did not notice the Polish workers, whom the judge noted were easy to spot because they were the only ones on the work site without hard hats."

7 Takeaways from Vanity Fair’s 1990 Profile of Donald Trump

"Twenty-five years ago, this magazine’s Marie Brenner spent some time with Trump for an investigation into the dissolution of his marriage to Ivana Trump. In retrospect, the story has all the trappings of a perfect Trump piece: discord between reality and Trump’s claims about it, accusations of disloyalty, and triumphant highs amid a string of batted-away lows. Here are seven takeaways that still matter.

1. Trump’s views on women are repugnant. Here’s how Donald explained the tabloid fascination with Ivana: “When a man leaves a woman, especially when it was perceived that he has left for a piece of ass—a good one!—there are 50 percent of the population who will love the woman who was left.”



Good website to see results as it unfolds. Scroll down to see Democrats. And also click on States on the Map and you get specific votes/counts.

Already it shows Cruz ahead of Trump in Kansas 2% reporting.

I think the reason for Democrats low turnout

is that lots don't care who wins the nomination and just are waiting for the people who do care to choose the nominee.

They know they will vote Democrat and they like both candidates and they just don't want to put the time and effort on the primary. But will let us, the bunch who cares battle it out. Come November they will come to vote for the Democrat we choose. Especially with the roster that the Republicans have chosen.



"Super Tuesday: Live Coverage
2016 ELECTION UPDATED 6:23 PM MAR 1, 2016

Q: What is a good/great/bad night for Hillary in delegate count — what is her/Bernie’s floor/ceiling? — commenter Rodrigo Paramo

A: Our delegate tracker interactive projects that Clinton would need to win 453 delegates tonight to be “on track” for a majority of pledged delegates, while Sanders would need 412. So, I’d say anything under close to 500 would be a very good night for Clinton, while anything over 550 would be a terrific night. Anything over 400 would be a celebration-worthy night for Sanders, while anything under 300 would be a viability-devastating outcome for him."
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