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COL Mustard

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Gender: Male
Current location: NCR
Member since: Sun Feb 28, 2016, 02:16 PM
Number of posts: 3,864

About Me

I was only a Lieutenant Colonel, but I do like good mustard. And cheesesteaks. Wit.

Journal Archives

Church barred woman from fishing trip because male pastor wanted to avoid 'false accusations'

I guess they figured she would just be too much of a temptress, all sweaty and covered in fish scales and goo.

Full Title: Church barred woman from fishing trip because male pastor wanted to avoid ‘false accusations’ of sexual misconduct
Source: WaPo
Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2021/03/31/church-fishing-trip-sexual-misconduct/
By Marisa Iati
March 31, 2021 at 10:11 p.m. EDT

Always the outdoor enthusiast, Emily Smaniotto was thrilled to enter a church raffle for a bow-fishing trip. But her excitement faded quickly when she was told that an insurmountable issue stood in the way of winning: her gender.
“I remember the word ‘Really?’ coming out of my mouth,” Smaniotto, 27, said. “And I heard another woman say, ‘Are you serious?’ ”
The issue, church leaders said, was that a woman’s presence on the trip could lead to a bogus accusation of sexual misconduct. The guest pastor who raffled off the opportunity was simply protecting himself, they said.

'We're going to take care of you, okay?' In Alabama, the scramble to get vaccines to the people....

It's going to be a long haul in Alabama to get everyone vaccinated.

Source: Washington Post

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/03/27/alabama-covid-vaccination/?itid=hp-top-table-main

Excerpt: By Stephanie McCrummen
MARCH 27, 2021

UNIONTOWN, Alabama — Eight weeks had passed since the first vaccine doses arrived in Alabama, and now the shots were finally coming to Uniontown. Workers were setting up chairs in the cinder block community center. The mayor was on the way. A caravan of doctors and nurses and supplies was speeding down Highway 5 past fields of cows and rusting gas stations, and when it pulled into the parking lot just past 8 a.m., the line was waiting, a continuation of the waiting that had been life for the past year.

“Connell!” yelled a volunteer, handing out registration forms. “Bennett! Watson!”

“Here I am!” said an elderly woman bumping her walker across the gravel.

Orange Beach mayor responds to criticism over comments about 'pandemic politics'

Note: I went to high school with Tony back in the day. I thought he did a great job with the 2010 oil spill and managing that, but I think he's gone off the rails here. I'm honestly tired of wearing a mask, after a year, but I'm more tired of a 9/11's worth of deaths every damn day because people won't wear masks or social distance.

Source: WALA-TV, Mobile, Alabama

Link: https://www.fox10tv.com/news/baldwin_county/orange-beach-mayor-responds-to-criticism-over-comments-about-pandemic-politics/article_bd1613bc-8d55-11eb-8c15-83b343d46c36.html

Excerpt: ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) -- Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon has responded to some criticism over comments he made during a recent radio interview.

Kennon talked about what he calls "pandemic politics," saying, "you can't trust the numbers."

He made the comments on "The Jeff Poore Show" on FM Talk 1065.

Climate Change--Who Pays?

This article in the New York Times discusses climate change and the very real effects in an area I know and love--the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Full disclosure...I'm a property owner there, but not in Avon, so I understand the concern as much as the people who live in Avon, Buxton, and other places. And yes, I pay real estate taxes in Dare County. I'd be willing to pay more to solve the problem there, and I have a hard time understanding people who don't want to pay higher taxes to help themselves.


Excerpt: Tiny Town, Big Decision: What Are We Willing to Pay to Fight the Rising Sea?
On the Outer Banks, homeowners in Avon are confronting a tax increase of almost 50 percent to protect their homes, the only road into town, and perhaps the community’s very existence.

South Alabama Professors Placed On Leave

The last known lynching in the US took place in Mobile in 1981. Have we learned nothing since then?

(ETA: I graduated from USA in 1980)


Biden to begin efforts to reunify migrant families separated by Trump administration

Source: WaPo
Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/family-separation-migrant-biden-executive-order/2021/02/01/ebb6ada8-64bf-11eb-8c64-9595888caa15_story.html


Kevin Sieff
Feb. 2, 2021 at 5:00 a.m. EST
The Biden administration will announce on Tuesday plans to identify and reunite hundreds of families who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump administration and remain apart years later.
Biden will create a new task force to reunite families through an executive order, following through on a campaign promise to undo some of the damage inflicted by the Trump administration’s most controversial immigration policy. Biden officials did not yet have details on the scale or timing of the reunification effort, but said that the task force would make recommendations on how separated parents and children could be brought back together.

Another Doofus Business Owner's Mugshot

Looks good in orange....especially with that stupid grin. Check the pictures, especially the one of his business. Wonder when the Going Out Of Business Sale starts?

Link: https://apnews.com/article/capitol-siege-media-social-media-missoula-arrests-ca5d1e6c3081b1263d524b2ec5aa30f5

Excerpt:HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana appliance store owner and supporter of former President Donald Trump was charged Thursday in connection with the breach of the U.S. Capitol while Congress was certifying the Electoral College vote.

Videos taken inside the Capitol and social media posts led to the arrest of Henry Phillip Muntzer, 52, of Dillon, authorities said in court records.

Muntzer made an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Missoula on Thursday, where he was charged with illegally entering the Capitol and disorderly conduct. U.S. Magistrate Kathleen DeSoto appointed a federal defender and released Muntzer on the condition he appear in federal court in Washington on Jan. 28, the court clerk said.

All I Can Say Is A New Era Begins In 14 Hours!!!!

Not a damn minute too soon!

Trump tapes farewell address, likely to be released Tuesday

If you give a farewell address and no one listens, were you ever actually President?

Source: WaPo

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/01/18/inauguration-biden-trump-live-updates/#link-3ISKRRK2SNAZ7KFVFHD5LLL74Y


Josh Dawsey and Felicia Sonmez

Trump taped a farewell address at the White House on Monday in which he touted his administration’s successes over the past four years, according to a senior administration official.
The recording is likely to be released Tuesday, according to the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.
News of the video was first reported by CNN.

Republicans call for unity but won't acknowledge Biden won fairly

How in the bloody hell are we supposed to move on when they lie and support the liar in chief? I'll unite with them when they make the first move to dial down the temperature. I won't hold my breath.

Source: WaPo
Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/01/17/republicans-call-unity-wont-acknowledge-biden-won-fairly/


Amy B Wang
The call for unity came from one of President Trump’s most loyal supporters in Congress, nearly a week after a pro-Trump mob rampaged the U.S. Capitol in a riot that left five people dead.

“What happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was as wrong as wrong can be,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told colleagues during a virtual committee meeting about Democrats’ demands that Trump be removed from office. Now was the time for “healing,” and in Jordan’s opinion, that meant allowing the president to finish out his term.

The committee chairman, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), pressed him on one point. Hadn’t Jordan and more than 140 other Republicans given oxygen to the false conspiracy theory pushed by Trump that motivated the Capitol rioters — that the election had somehow been stolen — when they had voted to object to certifying the electoral college results?
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